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It’s like when I buy music on Only japanese IP can buy stuff on the website, so I need to use my VPN to be able to buy stuff there. But at least foreign credit cards work.


Fans always find a way to get the content, legally or illegally.


Oh dang, Owarimonogatari second season is on CR, episodes are 43 minutes each @TheDiddilyHorror


I’m loving Gamers! this season
The stupidity of the characters is off the charts but still believable, it makes for some solid laughs.


Waiting for next season like

Then just try again something I dont like and close it and go back like that


O.o How many episodes so far?

Could go anywhere. The MC is so dense, it really makes him unpredictable. I enjoy watching it but at the same time I find the MC to be very plain.


Where’s that from? It looks familiar.


2 so far



Well is a romcom not a shonen battle anime


Or not. I’ve either just seen that guy before or there’s some anime with a guy that looks very similar.

Such naive, much annoying at times, wow.
How can there be any romance if the MC is acting like a wuss before puberty?


Then what do you expect from the mc, if he had confidence or people skills the show would be over in one episode or they could do it Oremonogatari style (I should rewatch that btw)


Nyan Koi! is also a romcom and the MC is waaaayyyy less of a wuss.
Hachiman in Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru was a loner, socially awkward but not a wuss.

Oremonogatari was good but a bit too much for me. The last few episodes with the other guy made me too angry.


Snafu isn’t really a romcom even if it’s in the name, the mc of Gamers! talks to other girls just fine just not the one he likes


It’s not your usual romcom, that’s true.

The MC in Gamers just seems kinda hyper, be it worrying or joy (and swinging back and forth between it a lot).


Shit I need to watch it. Did not see anything from CR on the front page.


both episodes updated today, I always check the updated


Barely watched Jigoku Shoujo that came out yesterday and have not watched Boku no Hero yet either.


Pretty much the only anime where I switched to the manga cause I couldn’t wait for new episodes.


Meh. I am fine with waiting a week. Dont have any manga I read beside the Devil Is a Part Timer. Next volume won’t be out until September :frowning: honestly would not even know where to start with some manga besides a publication with tons of other manga in it.