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I have a hard time rating anime even though I’ve seen entirely too much. What I think is the best is often what I am liking at the moment.


A fair chunk of anime from the Japanese poll was somewhat current. Also, a large amount of Gundam, because Japan.


Wow his hair has changed a bit since the last videos I’ve seen.


I just recently started watching him. A decent way the find new series to watch.

Speaking of, I just finished Initial D and I’m sad there isn’t any more to watch. Loved it so much I had to buy a shirt.


Initial D is the bomb

I shared my favorite gifs in this post Anime Lounge 匸Pヽ(・ω・`)

Where did you get the shirt?


I love the engine animations, and sounds! So well done. And they improved the animation and style over the seasons too. (Then again, it did run for like a decade)
And the soundtrack! By far the greatest genre to drive to.


“The Top” comment says it all.

pun intended


My favorite (don’t know what to call it) fan made video.

BTW this is a live wallpaper for Steam Wallpaper Engine.


Oh yeah, I guess I could watch the Initial D Legends movies.
However, I think I’ll save those for a rainy day.


Ooooh boy! Can’t wait!


Looks cool, what is it?

Read up a bit on it, sounds interesting and animation looks beautiful


Don’t even have to play the video before I know it’s KyoAni.

Sometimes KyoAni just makes something that is absolutely gorgeous.

I’d easily recommend Hibike Euphonium, Kyoukai no Kanata, and Hyouka as anime to watch.

Koe no Katachi will pull your heartstrings.


I got pretty bored with that very fast.

That’s a good one.

I’m a bit disappointed with Koyomimonogatari. Short episodes and kinda meh,
Wasn’t too keen on Owarimonogatari either.


it was released on a mobile app so you’re only getting half of the experience.


Who the hell thought that was a good idea?


Isn’t Japanese market insanely concentrated on mobile?




fuck that. the lack of availability is already a problem for some regions.


Japan doesn’t give a single fuck if it’s available to you

Which makes it funny when they go after pirates


No guilt then.