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ah, Tamen de Gushi
the updates are so irregular I forgot about that one.


Centaurs Life is about re-education camps? Which episode is this in? Because I’m kinda curious about it now


It’s mentioned several times like it’s no big deal but I can’t ignore it


Lmfao Hajimete no Gal is getting stupidly complicated.
I just wanted a chill story with the Gal and MC.


kek what did you expect? My First Girlfriend was doomed from the start.

However, If you’re looking for something new this season, here are my recommendations…

  1. Made in Abyss

  2. Ballroom e Youkoso

  3. Koi to Uso

  4. Classroom of the Elite

  5. GAMERS!

  6. New-Game!!


How is nobody talking about Tsurezure Children? Best anime of the year.


It never caught my attention. I’ll give it a try once I get back from work.


The manga for hajimete no gal is better paced


I’m enjoying it, would say it’s the best


Yeah but regardless its still peaks my interest.
Watching Classroom of the elite, New Game! And need to start Gamers.

@Kevadu Yeah Tsuredure is really enjoyable. Kind of sucks that its put into a 12 minute block but its throwing plenty of interactions at us and development that we can’t look away.
I really dont know any of the characters besides their appearance. Main issue with a show with so many chatacters.



Wahoo, finished a route in Clannad. Took about 12 hours.


This makes me question you as a person.


Looks interesting. I’ll have to give it a try when it gets dubbed.


Cuirous, is there any other studios that dub anime besdies Funimation?
Or at least another place that they show up besides Funimation?
Its tiring to hear the same voice actors over and over again.


Well there’s Disney… I’ll look into this a little more.

You can say that again.


I started putting together a list, but soon found this task harder then I expected. Most the companies/studios that I’m finding are mostly licensors for the dubs… so I leave you with a link to this thread

I recommend having a look at this post

If your interested this is what I had so far, and I’m pretty sure these are actual dubbing companies/studios.

I might continue to research this more later, and put the list in this thread’s description/1st post with all the other lists, and links.




Let me FTFY:


Not sure if anyone is interested in filling out a poll on what you think the best anime is, but here is a video trying to do just that.

My opinion is moot because the only significant chunks of anime I’ve watched are One Punch Man, Dragonball Z, the first season of Pokemon, and Initial D. So, I won’t bother filling out the poll. Lol