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Usually also I’m a binge watcher, usually watching 4 to 5 episodes the same night, but that one is the exception.


Finished Himouto! Umaru-chan
It was alright. Chibi Umaru was kinda annoying IMO (at least for the dub). I did like the non chibi Umaru for the most part, but you hardly got to see that side of her, also really like her U M R outfit. Nana’s & Kirie’s personality seem somewhat similar which wasn’t great IMO. There’s definitely some pretty funny parts though.


Came across this on Amazon so I grabbed it

Edit: ok 2 pages in and it is very dark…


Now they’re just talking nonsense…


I ended up reading this around 2am, Its a very interesting read as it’s the story of the authors life and being so it doesn’t glorify any aspect of the story, in fact she goes out of her way to note when she had no idea what the cause of her issues were.


I had gotten this in my suggested from Amazon but I am not one to try too many new things.
The tittle definitely drew my attention.


lesbians - check
lonliness - check

I think amazon knows me too well…


oh shit, I don’t have any figures but I might have to
@cityle, you know why

holy hell, delivery date is july 2018


Is that an updated Ultimate Madoka from Goodsmile?


it says it’s from Aniplex, all the info i could find


What is it being delivered from? Asgard?


Probably in production. I think most of the time its limited run and treated as a preorder.


it is pre-order, I think they usually only take so many preorders from each vendor.


Nah, they usually use the preorders to figure out how many to make. So long as you order during the preorder period you should be fine. Getting popular figures without a preorder can be challenging though…


oh my gawd. I need that!

look at price
wallet do heart attack
170 USD for only one of the two, I cannot possibly in any way afford that (especially with the canadian rupees) However the price seems all over place as I found one place at 150 and one at 220.

Plus there is stuff like that, same (omg I’m engulfed with beauties at the moment (and my wallet with hearth attacks))

And apparently Nagisa is coming in Nendroid ^^


What is the deal with A Centaurs life ?

my biggest issue with it is how it randomly reminds you of the existence of an overbearing government with re education camps in the name of “equality”. This inclusion is super weird to me.


Starting Barakamon

HiDive kinda sucks.
First off ads even after you pay, WTF.
No app (at least for Android).
No 10 second rewind/skip button (the arrow keys work as that, but my phone doesn’t have arrow keys:P)

On the flip side it starts at $3.99 a month. The website looks nice, and videos looks good (if you pay another dollar for 1080P)

I might give it another shot way down the road when there out of beta, but right now I can’t recommend it.


Barakamon is good, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks for the heads up on the streaming sites too, massively helpful.


No problem. I’m happy to hear that it helps.