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Indeed, this is why I'm so excited for VRV I hope it can iron out some of these issues.



Seen ads for that but never looked into it.



I have no idea if it will be any good, but they are going to get my support for now, and hopefully it turns into something great (pretty good so far). It's founded by the same company as Crunchyroll (from what I read).

BTW I don't receive funds from them whatsoever and I pay $9.99 a month for there services (don't want miss any understandings). I just want to go to one reasonably priced place for all my anime... Hay a guy can dream can't he.

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thats all I want



I was going though some of the talk about this thread in "The Lounge - 2017/04 April [(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Edition]" and found out the name of this thread is against the rules, I must have missed it when I glanced through the rules.

So than should I rename it, and if so what name?
@Skelterz suggested "The Anime Kotatsu". Link
@Novasty suggested "Kotatsu Round Table" Link

Link to some of the talk in the other thread

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I wouldn't worry about it too much since there's nothing in the rules about "Lounge" titles, and this thread is more than old enough and popular enough that if the title was against the rules it would have been changed by now.

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Weeb Kotatsu ┬──┬ ︵(╯。□。)╯



It was unofficial so there wouldn't be a hundred lounges but now individual corners are acceptable with narrower topics.



Does anybody have an idea on what anime I should watch next? The anime I have completed are Inuyasha, Dragon Ball series minus Super, Ghost In The Shell (all except the crap hollywood adaptation), and Death Note, and every episode of Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden (all but the last 100 episodes). Shows which I've sampled over time (my entire life basically), but not finished, include various Gundam series' (the actual names are lost on me), Zoids, Zatch Bell (RIP Old Toonami), Yu Yu Hakusho, and a few others I can't think of at the moment.

I would rather it not be too short (Death Note), but also not too long either (One Piece, Detective Conan, etc.)

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hm, hard to do. 50 episodes seems long to me lol and anything over goes into shonen battle anime territory.

As a complete Studio Trigger fanboy I recommend Kill La KIll and Kiznaiver, 25 and 12 episodes respectively.

The Gundam series Iron Blooded Orphans just wrapped up its second and last season recently if you want a gritty mech series.

Log Horizon is a really cool take on the "trapped in a game" genre that goes in depth into some really cool perspectives.

Along the same lines Sword Art Online is an entertaining more battle oriented "trapped in a game" series.

If you like a whole lot of reading there is the Monogatari series starting with Bakemonogatari.
There is so much dialogue I often have to pause and skip back because I've missed something.



Shakugan no Shana is ok, just don't watch season 3. I like the English dub for two characters. Just be aware that the overarcing theme is a bit vague and hazy. It's fun though.

Kure-nai is a very well-made anime with a unique art style. The manga is way better though. only 12/13 episodes though, hence read the manga. The anime only covers a flashback in the manga. It's one of the better variants of the "Sudden Young Guardian Takes On the World for his Protectee" genre of anime that I've seen imo, if you like that sort of thing.

Seconding the Monogatari series as well. If you haven't seen that yet, drop everything you're planning on watching and binge the crap out of that show. I say that not knowing how it'll appeal to you, but... if you enjoy it, you will thoroughly enjoy it.



I'd recommend Durarara

It gets off to a somewhat slow start as they introduces​ lots of very interesting and unique characters. It starts to pick up around episode 6 (iirc).

And The Index/Railgun series

Release order / watch order (iirc)
Index season 1
Railgun season 1
Index season 2
Index movie
Railgun season 2 (S)



I almost dropped season 3, but I definitely don't regret finishing it, turned out to be one of my favorite anime.



That's with everything. TV Series, Movies, even Games.



Just caught up on the manga, damn i want more already






its good stuff, I didn't think much of the first episode really but after that it really takes off.



I've heard a lot of hype about it, so I'm definitely expecting something great, I too was not too impressed by the first episode, but the very end seems to have given a glimpse of what to expect (I think). watching 2nd now.

(edit) Finished 2nd episode, holy crap that's dope af. I'm super stoked now

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lmao, I watched the first and didn't go back for a while then watched it on the recommendation of another member and got hooked.

I think they should have aired it as a double episode like Re:Zero

@Theonewhoisdrunk, just finished Kizumonogatari Tekketsu, so much yes



@Theonewhoisdrunk, just finished Nekketsu

why was there a coke commercial in the middle of my anime?
also this has been bothering me since part one but did they double the size of Hanekawa's breasts?

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