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hmm whats this no Satania well let me fix that.


Awoo has happened. It can not be stopped.

@MyInnerFred does this mean your job is done?


Anyone find anything good in this new season?
Besides 2nd seasons I am watching Clockwork Planet and I can't remember the other one. If shit goes sideways I'm dropping them though.


I've been liking Armed Girl`s Machiavellism, The Royal Tutor and Alice to Zoroku


Where is this available?

I just don't find it very interesting

That's the other one


Please refrain from posting unlicensed stream links as they conflict with Rule 3. - Novasty


Cool, I try to stream as much legit as possible since I have the means but damn does anime and manga have shitty distribution. Thanks Japan and your archaic business practices.


I changed it up a little (hopefully for the better)

Hahaha I love that name, but I wanted something easy to search for. I do want to work Kotatsu into the description (I like where you were going with that), penny for your thoughts?


Works for me, it's your thread.

I've noticed not everyone needs the rules and I'm sure others are silently waiting for someone to slip up.


This thread is too much weeb for me and I'm a weeb.


Yeah. I made it as in your face as I could, hopefully it works.


I need to pick a new show to watch. Haven't watched anything new for a while.


It've been one month that I began to watch Kyoukai no kanata, 12 episodes, and I've stilled not finished it. (00) I'm a slow watcher when I have school.

For recommendations, the last I watched, KyousouGiga is a good one. Good music, art style (very colourful) and characters. No fanservice. Story a little bit convulated because of how it's thrown at you at the beginning, but ties nicely at the end.


Okay since this has happened twice now, I'm going to let you guys know. Linking "unlicensed" streaming sites of any kind is considered pirating. One more and I am closing this thread.


Is there anything I can do to help make sure that doesn't happen again?


If it is linking to an unlicensed streaming site (not limited to anime only) flag it citing rule 3.

Also we have a dedicated anime channel on the discord.




Can you edit a link in there for that channel?


I don't think you would get powers to do so, but I believe that does cover the requirements for an "anime lounge"


Is anyone excited for Steins;Gate Zero???