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Yes, I would like this thread to thrive but I'll still talk anime and manga in the lounge


This is absolutely the place though I don't know about Gundam​ Thunderbolt, maybe @MFZuul can help.


They just started releasing the new episodes, i haevn't seen the one of the new "season" (not really seasons because of the way they release them)

If anyone hasn't seen the first few episodes go now. Best soundtrack since beebop and because fo the limited episode run there is very little repetition


Hmm. Will have to keep an eye on this thread. See how it turns out.


Is there a legit stream?
I've been meaning to watch it.



Novasty: Please refrain from posting unlicensed streaming sites as they can be classified as pirating.
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So I see the cancer has finally taken hold here.


After my arbitrary cut off date for gundam, looks pretty cool however @Juicin. May have to check it out

however I have strange tastes with anime... I can not stand some things that are more or less standard in most anime... like fan service... weeb stuff..... tachikoma in GITS standalone lol, so I may not be the one to ask


It has 0 of those things

Almost all males in the show, it's gritty

Not enough time for fan service lol

Basically a group of rag tag battle hardened zeons vs a bunch of fresh alliance troops lead by one ace pilot.

So few episodes, you owe it to yourself


It is a wild ride. 100% worth it. Avoid spoilers like the plague. If I hadn't already been spoiled by my internet habits, it would've been 10/10 tier for me, I bet.

Oh right. The anime doesn't have the manga's art style at all. That's why I don't recognize it.

I enjoyed that anime. Felt like it wasn't trying to be serious though. Like, the manga might have been, but the translation to an anime format seems to have been "well, we'll just kinda convert but kinda not."

What I mean is, it didn't feel like they were trying to give a complete and coherent experience with the story they told in the anime. Like they just selectively took arcs from the manga and made their own bite size 12 episode storyline. And that made it feel incomplete and hard to be invested in.

I did enjoy it tho.

There are so many anime like that it's kind of disheartening. I know anime is more so used to sell manga at times, and that's why cliffhangers and crappy endings exist like they do, but it's so frustrating when you don't read manga but want the whole story.

sigh so much ahead of me and it never ends. :expressionless:

I legit didn't think this would be good, but I think this is a perfect example of what anime can do well. Take bat shit insane concepts and make them interesting and beautiful.

It sounds stupid but it's pretty great. The art is :fire:, the music is pretty good, the story is decent, and the action is good.

It doesn't try to tie all loose ends, but doesn't leave the audience wondering either. Pretty good imo.

It has a tiny bit of mandatory fan-service. tinee tho.


I didn't even notice, i have a tiny 1080p screen thought the goggles were eyes

I see her now lol sort of a bad recommendation in the thread, oh well it's a good show


Is hentai consiered anime? Serious question, just don't post hentai.


That sounds nice. I need to watch that. My friend recommended it, but I've put it off for a while. I've heard good things about the animation.

bread don't be dumb. Of course it's anime.

What are you even on about?


I'm not awake. What are cartoons? What are the dif?





Salarymen gotta do what salarymen gotta do.


It has to be done.



10/10 reflection.


Best wolf in Gensokyo!