Anime like Sword Art Online?

So, a week ago I started watching SAO, thee Days later I had watched it all. And my heart was Heavy with an eary emptyness. It was so ducking good. Now I need you, internet, what other great animes are there like SAO (preferably dubbed to English) that you recomend?

Thanks in advance.

I recommend accel world, its like SAO in the way that it revolves around an MMO.

log horizon, it is not dubbed it is new..The .//Hack series maybe, or for non mmo btoom,Densetsu no YĆ«sha no Densetsu,[C]: Control - The Money of Soul and Possibility..

And HERE is my anime list..

Like NonServian said two mmorpg style animes are .//Hack and one of my favorites; :Log Horizon