Anime find challenge

So Evangelion 3.0 came out in theaters in japan back in november and when evangelion 2.0 came to theaters in japan last year we got a subbed vertion 1 week be for the theatrical release. So my challenge and question is where can a full subed version off evangelion 3.0 be found. I already found the first 6min and last 30 min but Its driving me crazy to not be able to see it!

 Spoiler alert last 30 min ( I have not watched it yet I only skiped through it to see if it was real. I dont know what will hapen to me if i spoil the end. also the first 6 min can be found on youtube.

<img src='/uploads/default/1984/acbe3d3aab962dfd.jpg'>

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If you still haven't found it..It's HERE

google THORA's release