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Is there some unified schedule going on for manga/LN releases? I noticed that most of the new volumes I pre-ordered are coming out around the same time.

edit: yup, they’re published by Yen Press.

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So I’m about half way through how a realist hero rebuilt the kingdom and it started off very nice and unique but then the normal character tropes you’d expect from a series like this came and now it’s just a little more generic sadly. Still in enjoying it. I’ll be honest though, this feels too much like an anime and not like a LN and it bothers me, like let the anime cover those generic scenes with people swatting other people when they do something wrong, I mean this would probs still be fine in a manga but having those things in a LN just doesn’t sit right with me. Like I said though it’s still good



My mechanical keyboards are old enough and have reached the point where I’ll be replacing them. It has been awhile since I last got one so I ordered a switch kit to see if I what to change to a different switch or not.



Welp… I’mma just leave this here.

I’ll probably take a peek at it sometime.



I’m kinda in the fence about that, either the comedy styles dont go well together or whoever made it isn’t combining the comedy styles of each series right.



Alright so I’m a good chick through the realist hero LN and I mostly enjoy it but there’s too much stuff/dialogue that happens that doesn’t advance the plot or character development, and there’s also stuff that does advance the plot but it does it in a long drawn out way that kinda takes you out of the world they set. Like there’s this whole cooking thing that could’ve been short and sweet to get the main thing done the writer was trying to do in the plot but it was so long and drawn out I kept stopping and thinking am I still reading the realist hero LN or is a crappy spin off of shokugeki no soma where they are transported to a fantasy world.

I really wish all the supporting characters got more dialogue, and meaningful dialogue not just some random shit. Like the princess I feel like her character is being neglected, she needs to feel more alive and like she is someone in this series, like it feels like we don’t see her much and when we do it’s nothing important, like this series would feel no different after the beginning if you took her character out.

Ngl I’m finding more and more things I dislike about this series, I’ll read all the LNs until it ends because I like the premise of the story (managerial type shit combined with fantasy, really like this I wonder if there are other series with this premise)



You know there were literal wars fought just to increase the quality of food.
Think about the kind of food we eat today vs what we would of eaten 200+ years ago.
Quality of life drastically changes just being able to improve quality of food.

Everything else I won’t get into because I’ve haven’t gotten into it yet, still reading shield hero.

Also, the food problem in Realist Hero is quite dire if you think about, the kingdom on its own isn’t able to feed the citizens adequately and need to spend a considerable amount of resources into solving that.



I’m not saying they’re blowing the food problem out of proportion, what I’m saying is they lingered too long on that Food tv show thing like the writer needs to realize that everything he says needs to do something productive and taking too long on one thing that could’ve been done faster and better is bad writing. Also that whole necromancee chapter was completely useless, that was like a bonus episode thing that should’ve been at the end of the book and not thrown in there as an actual chapter, it did nothing to develop the plot or characters, it served no purpose at all.

Basically what I have learned after reading the 2 LNs I have read so far is that there are a lot of incompetent writers out there with unique ideas but they just don’t have the skills to put their ideas into words (either that or they’re lazy and are filling them with useless shit to meet a minimum word count).

Also the author for the realist hero is really steering this series towards being generic, he really needs to fix his characters because they are the most generic bland characters you see in every harem and generic isekai. If this series gets an anime I’m telling you right now it’s going to turn out being a completely generic iskeai anime, sure the story is interesting and unique but it’s characters are far from unique which leads to your basic generic harem/isekai scenes.



While Food Wars is keeping its pace - which I appreciate; I like consistency - it sure drags on. I’m not even reading the whole chapters anymore and just skim them. I hope this arc is over soon and Asahi Saiba gets either removed from the next arc or becomes less of an annoying prick. This whole “super human/super power” thing is also stretching it for a cooking series that’s already over the top in presentation.

Still haven’t figured out what to read next from my accumulated pile but at least I got around to organize the LNs to some extent (maybe 10% of the over 30GB).












@Skelterz what you thinking of fairy gone after episode 2? For me it’s not as good as I was hoping, I’ll watch it but it won’t be one of my favs this season that’s for sure.



Haven’t watched it yet



I started reading the Kino’s Journey Vol 1 Manga. I’m reading after I finished Trigun Maximum Volume 7. Anyway the artwork for Kino’s Journey is stunning, clean, crisp, which is appropriate consider how dark the story it. I’ve only read the prologue and the first chapter but so far I’m very impressed. I have a feeling as soon as I finish the manga I’ll want the 2nd volume. I’ll let you guys know once I finish it.



Picked me up that avatar anime from Target and vol 13 of the devil is a part timer came in the mail

And no I will not be reading the avatar LN or manga.
Also shelf is getting extra tight. Might be in the mood wood work one.



the death of “humans” is coming its in world builder mode and story mode right now. he has not gotten pissed on enough to start the mass killing yet.



4:3 aspect ratio!? What is this heresy.


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