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idk how i managed to read Domestic Na Kanojo a while back. it makes me REEE just looking at it now.



Bro I meant to watch that when it finished airing but I’ve been reading and screwing around so much. I’ve read 7 manga and 3 LNs since April 1st. I haven’t been reading every day which is what I want to do but if I did I’d run out of stuff to read, next week I’m not gonna have anything to read because I’ve been binging them all. I need more money

Yo pls help a brotha out, support me on my patreon

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I know literally nothing about it other then someone linked me that song, and now I bought it. c:

Seems to be a name people I heard a couple times but payed no attention to. Not a bad rating on mal. Whatcha not like about it?



The show is garbage but that song is lit, might buy it myself

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it’s cringe worthy to see on TV,

Some Manga are soo gud that they are just as good or better in Anime form. Domestic na Kanojo is something that should of stood as a Manga and that’s it.

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Right off the hop the main character bangs his step sister (before he knew they were going to be step siblings) but he really wants to bang his teacher WHO IS ALSO HIS STEP SISTER NOW! Cringe and cliche enues



Basically this.



That’s just the first episode lol



Only step sister banging I’ll approve of is shoujo-ai banging of step sisters.




and mind you while he’s going after his teacher, the girl who gave him the thighs first is acting all assmad that he’s going after he sister.

like bitch if you didn’t want to be in that situation you should of never given up the buns to begin with.

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I’m gonna level with y’all, I’ll probably watch Domestic na Kanojo at some point.

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I’m gud. after reading the manga and watching the first episode. it made me realize everything I hate about this anime is just about everything I hate about School Days.

stick with one waifu and stop trying to get some everywhere.

inb4 play the game.


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School Days is a Masterpiece 10/10 “A real gut buster”

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and a real ball drainer.



It’s real though, you fuck around like that in real life it will mess up your life lol

Dude burns all his social connections to get some puss

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For all these Ecchi Mangas. at least the Doujin’s are better. cause they get to the point.

I have a feeling Domestic Na Kanojo is going to be milked. (pun intended)



Wait I don’t have any social connections to burn, quick tell me what else I can burn to get some ussy

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You’re out of luck mate

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I’m keeping the train rolling. I began watching Bunny girl senpai. I like it. Anime is so essential for me right now as my thesis is beginning to drive me crazy. It went through all 18 layers of protection now! (do you understand the reference?)



I don’t