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I just finished it and I’m kinda meh about it, I was hoping the world would feel a bit different, like idk maybe a little more magical. It’s got a cute little neopet thing and some glowing butterflies and that’s it, it also seems like it can’t make it’s mind up about medieval era or the industrial era.

I was hoping for a darker more realistic world similar to the ancient magus bride, not the same world obviously but the same kinda magical feel ya know.



4 gets here tomorrow and I will be buying 8 on Thursday.



Honestly I love Isabella’s lullaby, I listen to the piano version, the mandolin version, the original version, and now the harp version on the daily.

Also I’ve said this before but I always liked Isabella, like she was supposed to be the super bad villain feeding the children to the monsters but for whatever reason her character just kinda drew me in even before she got some backstory. But the backstory made her easily one of my fav characters



Yo who did the humming in isabela’s lullaby?



Changing again my phone wallpaper. Now with 100% more Scottish accent.



A Certain Scientific Railgun is fantastic!
I think I’m enjoying it even more than the first time.



it was a nice watch the first time for me. the second time i was like ok its time for this and this and watch this trope and hey its time for a joke. fuck good memory makes watching things a second time almost no fun. but the first time was great as i did not know the timing or the pacing. if i give it a few years i might find it to be fantastic but the current me gives it a 7/10 ( also watched it in order of release both times so your millage may vary :man_shrugging: )



So I’m reading grimgar of fantasy and ash, and I like it I really do, the story is great and the characters for the most part are good, but the author, even though he has good ideas and shit he just can’t write. I don’t think it’s a lost in translation thing either he just doesn’t know how to write. Like he writes dialogue mostly fine but descriptions and events/scenes he really falls short on writing and it sucks because I know he’s got good ideas and I really enjoy the story. For example the scene where minato dies, I just didn’t feel a single thing, like he didn’t know how to explain what the characters were feeing or how to describe the scene at all, like he legs you know what’s happening and you know it’s a sad atmosphere but it just lacks the proper description to give it that emotional punch it needs

TLDR: the author has good ideas and at the very least can write dialogue but fails at descriptions and other more subtle things like ambiance and atmosphere.



welp i was almost able to say give the author a few years and he might grow to be better but hes been at it for 15 years. but at least his choice of illustrators is decent. in cases like these the manga usually is better than the light novels.

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I just started watching Oreimo. This king garbage is being injected into my veins.



Oh god why



Cause I’m a garbage enthusiast.

honestly cause it was on my recommendations… I know it’s from the same creator as Eromanga Sensei. But I would argue this is worse than that



the ten minutes i watched told me that as well

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In other irrelevant news… Christ, time does fly.

Episode 1 is out already on HiDive.



The last manga to be released was in August of 2016 and there were a total of 3 volumes, it seems it has been canceled.



Finished watching Gotoubun no Hanayome. Gonna add it to my manga list to see where it’s going (after the anime put some spoiler in it).

Now…what to watch next…only about 150 shows in my “Unwatched” folder.



I liked the anime but a manga for a series like that would be mind numbingly boring, like harem romance series like that have to be short and sweet, not long and never ending, which is what I’m pretty sure @kat said, “no end in sight”



Lmao @teckmonster the romance series meme was good

Also I feel personally attacked by the monster musume one



Can’t wait to start binging land of the lustrous today once this comes in

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