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How about hands down best Waifu of all time?

dis gonna destroy the ACC


tatenashi sarashiki nagisa furukawa

This would ruin weebs everywhere


I’m sorry but I’ma letchu finish… But



Also inb4 this gets turned into an anime like the Heat Haze song series (Mekaku City Actors):

The nicovideo links are “subtitled” via the comment system, so leave it on if you need it.

01 Kotonoha Karma

02 Itazura

03 Kotonoha Yugi

04 Reverb (Couldn't find eng sub for this)

There are 7 more songs atm that I don’t want to hunt for atm.


A few:

  • Yukino and Kanade (Candy Boy)
  • Nishita and Takagi
  • Tohru and Kobayashi
  • Ren and Natsume (Konohana Kitan)
  • Chisato and Sora (Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara)
  • Yoshino and Rei (Marimite)

I like shoujo-ai


I’m not really watching anime to much recently but I’m reading alot of good manga and my god kengan omega the sequel to kengan ashura is so goddam good I highly recommend it [Link Removed]


Alright hold up, I feel like my anus is the fucking universe right now, I just learned something huge.

So in the legend of korra we learn that people learn how to bend elements from the lion turtles, and in the last or second to last episode of avatar the last airbender (I don’t remember which 1) Aang receives some new form of bending (bending souls or some shit) from a lion turtle, so before aang nobody could take other people’s bending away, but Aang and beyond the avatars all can do this. This is AMAZING, I can’t believe it took me until now to learn this. Also in the legend of korra people like lived on the lion turtles backs for safety and as each lion turtle gave their powers to people they disappeared, so this leads me to this question, what happened to the village on the lion turtle’s back who could soul bend and why didn’t he give his powers to his people? Iirc it was the first avatar who visited each lion turtle and served as a catalyst for the lion turtles to give their powers to the people, so why did the avatar not visit this lion turtle or why didn’t his visit to that lion turtle not end the same way as the others? And also are there more lion turtles?

Now that I have finished rewatching the last airbender, it is time to rewatch the legend of korra.


Avatar is also not anime. Period.


It’s kind of funny though. It was animated by a S. Korean Animation studio. Often times you will see animation work being outsourced to S. Korea in the credits.


Country of Origin is still US, though.
The art style is definitely more that of a cartoon, rather than an anime.


So what country of origin make anime = anime?

What do you classify shows like The King’s Avatar? What about the music video Shelter, that was animated in Japan, but concept and music are of foreign origin. There is also Torkaizer which is a middle eastern show.

Panty & Stocking would like to have a word with you.

To add to the list, does G.I Joe Sigma Six count as anime? It was animated by Gonzo Studios in Japan.

Spider Riders, American* concept animated in Japan.


Anime=animation, and there’s no reason it has to be more complicated than that IMO.


But we aren’t Japanese, in the rest of the world anime is a colloquial term for Japanese animation.

Yes there is no hard line between what is and isn’t anime but no one is going to say family guy or rick and morty is anime.


If everything is anime, nothing is.

Cartoons = animation
Stop motion/claymation = animation
Movies including CGI = animation

What’s the fucking point of this thread then if anything animated counts as anime now?

Got some more or are you done?
Listing outliers and just “made in Japan” doesn’t suddenly make them anime.


Since you asked:

  • Marvel Anime: Iron Man, Wolverine, X-men, and Blade
  • Transformers: Engergon and Cybertron
  • Animatrix
  • Halo Legends
  • Oban Star Racers


Seems legit, but looks like ass, tbh.
I wouldn’t lump it together with anime set in Japanese culture.

It is also the first Japanese Transformers show where the Transformers are computer-generated (CG), in a cel-shaded technique similar to the Zoids anime, which was a trend that would continue into the next series, Transformers: Cybertron .

See above (not sure about the culture, though).

The Animatrix (アニマトリックス Animatorikkusu ) is a 2003 American–Japanese animated science fiction anthology film produced by the Wachowskis.

Westernized bastard. Individual shorts, but not as a whole.

This shouldn’t exist.

Also a bastard. (on top of that with the French…yuck)


Fire Emblem, Tales of series, and practically a ton of others that would make this list literally too long. Culture isn’t there, a lot of values, sure, but you can’t stick in Japanese culture when tons of this shit is based around other cultures for the sake of story telling or setting up the world of the series.

These series try to set up their own culture, their own world, because it is a form of escapism for us.

Are you trying use Japanese Cultural norms being integrated into the show? Sure, now tell me what they are? I really want to know, since I am not Japanese, but learning of other cultural norms do interest me. But cultural norms change over time, so what may seem right 10 years ago in anime may not even get a pass today in anime. We wouldn’t know that, we don’t live there, we don’t experience the relevant media and current events that influences them outside of Japan.

Now tell me, what makes an anime = anime?

If it the story has to originate and animated in Japan, what are the classifications for animations done outside of Japan? Cartoons? I am fine with that, should we also apply that label for everything done outside of Japan? That would mean things I mentioned earlier like The King’s Avatar and Torkaizer are now considered cartoons, same with the Shelter music video.


You’re repeating yourself.

Figure it out yourself instead of only asking questions and going in circles.


Anime exists in South Korea fam. South Korea has their own ‘Manga’ called Manhwa


You made a statement:

In which I countered and provided examples.
You then challenged me to provide more examples, which I did.
You countered by using “Japanese Culture” as an argument for your point.
I’ve countered with what I have and reiterated the question what makes anime an anime or if you need better wording, what defines anime?
You now give me a meme as your answer.

Oh right, for one of your unanswered questions I completely forgot to cover. This thread more or less is discussions around mainly Japanese animated media, with quite a few exceptions on other SEA animated media or SEA inspired media.

That is how I interpret it.