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@redgek well watching the movie it’s actually a continuation to the anime.
I was so used to the winter uniforms that I didn’t recognise the summer uniforms. Also some of the characters are drawn slightly different.



Emilia is ok, but Subarus blind obsession to constantly support Emilia was annoying. Also Rem has bigger boobs


playing devils advocate here but
it’s cringy at times and mc is emo pussy at times who needs to man up and stop fucking crying and solve the problem. also “fill in the blank girl” is trash and “other girl” is best girl. and a lot of the story doesnt make sense and never gets explained. whos the girl form the first few episodes and why is she there killing people? never gets explained. whos the blonde loli? what is this father figures story? ect.

done playing devils advocate and i watched the whole thing and it was ok but not great. 7/10


It’s literally the first season they’re not going to explain every thing in just a few episodes. Made in abyss doesn’t explain everything in season 1, we still have lots of questions that are going to be answered in season 2 and maybe future seasons after that.


Rem ain’t T H I C C tho


Agree, not very much is revealed in the 25 episode run which makes the wait for more even more annoying.

I rather like how pathetic Subaru is at times, it seperates it from your usual wish fulfillment isekai. And his obsession with Emilia seems more like a mental crutch to keep from giving up entirely.


Inb4 Emilia leads him on for the entirety of the LN then friendzones him at the end.


That’s what I’m afraid will happen, and why Subaru’s behaviour annoys me.

Also, obvious meme is obvious:


Blows both head gaskets


Brooo, the lady from the OP that Naofumi fights is here, next week’s episode gonna be lit. Also nice to see he finally has more allies.


there is a line where it crosses from “refreshingly different” into painful to watch ie episode 13.


and joel i was under the impression it was a finished series? what with it ending over a year ago and no talk of a second season + “the end” at the end and all…


I’m pretty sure I’ve heard talks of a season 2.


What’re yall’s fav anime couple from a romance series?
Who do you think is the cutest couple?


Haven’t seen too many romance anime, but the best one I’ve seen that isn’t a comedy goes by Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora. Unforunately it’s one of those things I saw so long ago that I hardly remember so can’t speak much about it other than it’s definitely worth checking out.


Dont think its a romance show per say but certainly best couple. Holo and Lawrence from spice and wolf.


The gayest hands down is

  • Yamato & Suzuka (Suzuka)
  • Naru & Keitarou (Love Hina)
  • Kurumi & Hideo (Sundome)


I saw this and thought it was a hentai, but it wasn’t, then went to add it to my PTW list after I read the description and it ended up on my PTR list.

I said anime not manga, now I have to read that at some point.


Nakamura X Kasuga (Aku no Hana) is best couple

Kotonoha X Makoto (School Days) is close second


My favorites:


Probably my favorite girl right here.



Those are the ones that came to mind without going through my list.