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They’re said to have “super-human” abilities but that’s just bullshitting around the fact that the author doesn’t know what to do anymore. Nobody uses tools like that in a kitchen. It’s just bogus at this point.


It started off good but since everything has to become a battle its way too predictable.


Ehh, I think the author ran into the issue where he scaled his previous arc so damn high that he can’t escalate it any further.

I honestly would be fine if he scaled back and get it some down time with a bit more depth surrounding the characters.


Have you seen The Chef’s Table on netflix, there are chefs that use crazy stuff and create even crazier dishes.


the way the author is writing the story it feels like there’s no end point kek


Thats how weekly manga goes sadly


@Kat, look what happened to Bleach or any other big shonen title, they are rarely created with an end in mind


Author’s of Bleach & Food Wars Right Now.


I don’t use streaming services because I’m convinced they’re the same bullshit as cable TV.

With Shokugeki no Soma we’re talking about a chainsaw, giant juggling balls that can be opened, a special cocktail shaker that looks similar to a rifle barrel inside, small blades you put on your fingers, syringes, etc.
The direction it’s going is annoying.
The new “antagonist” is annoying.
The fact that nothing seems to happen in each chapter is annoying.
I don’t even read all the text anymore as most of it annoying cirlcejerking from a bunch of weirdos with huge egos and the usual “we’re not giving up” talk of the “good guys”.


Fun fact, crunchyroll is owned by AT&T.


Makes it even worse.


Guess i found the poors


The anime industry is at its best when it is treated as a creator/fan based community. Streaming services help very little, money belongs in the hands of the original creators themselves and the people doing the work making the anime we love.

Also, here is a good example of a way to directly support the industry(at least for one studio):


So how does not paying for a product make a creator money?

Triggers patreon is joke, that amount wont be enough to fund a 12 episode series over a year.

The creator fan dynamic people wish for is naive, its not like patroning solo creators on YouTube, making anime is a huge endeavor (sure there are one man and small teams but they have time) and that requires capitol to pay the animators. Production committees and publishers secure that funding for studios and they don’t do it out of the goodness of their heart, a return on investment isn’t unreasonable.

If there is anyone to blame its us the consumer, our demand for more and more has caused this oversaturation of sub par crap and shrinking dividends paid to studios.

We’re starting to see things turn around, studios are focusing on movies and original IP, these make them way more money than adapting popular manga or LN.


You do have good points, but here in the west we have very little means of being supportive outside of giving money to large uncaring american companies that often deliver subpar results (poor subs/dubs), and truthfully I would rather not pay then support them. Doesn’t change anything in their main market (Japan) and only really hurts the american company, which I got no problem with. You don’t have to pay CR/netflix to be able to import merchandise from Japan either. Another thing people seem to forget is CR originally was a pirate streaming site, who only became “legal” when faced with legal action. Take a look:


I’m well aware of CRs past and i know their marketing narrative as supporting creators is a joke but in the end they paid to license those shows that is money that goes back into the current anime paradigm as unfavorable as it is right now.

I want things to be better but there is little we can do with how focused on the domestic market the industry is. The real winners will the studios that realize they can win the western market with Japanese anime (they always seem to try and cater to us which causes them to fail in all markets)

In the end CR provides a service at what i believe is a fair price, I’ve sailed the seas plenty in my time (and still do for manga) I won’t feign moral superiority as it isn’t matter of ethics but business.


Yeah, no matter what their marketing really just rubs me the wrong way. From their RP bs on twitter to putting their funds towards creating western series rather than to Japan where they need to go. I suppose CR isn’t a bad deal for what it is, but for me to pay for a service like that I would like to see a Japanese company provide it, so at least I would know my money is in a more direct route to where it should be going. I remember this happening in the past (Daisuki) however they closed down a couple years back. There’s also that other smaller streaming site (though not Japanese) that I remember hearing about lately but I think they are owned or affiliated with CR in some way as well.

And just personally, from what I’ve seen CR has a lot smaller of a library than I remember them having a few years ago, probably due to licensing terms running out etc. With an increasingly small library of older stuff most of the draw for CR is instant availability for new seasonal content (though not all). For most older shows I watch, I’d have to source them elsewhere anyway. Not to mention no ability to watch offline for times where net might be too slow or I want to watch something while waiting on a bus or at the laundromat on my phone (both actual things I encounter). And really what almost bothers me most about CR’s marketing is how they parrot that unless you pay for their service, you’re less of an anime fan(yeah I’ve seen it plenty). While the logic that appears on the surface may be fine (it’s more morally sound to pay for goods/services than to not pay) I don’t like how many people look down on other ways of obtaining media, it blinds them to accepting the will of a company that doesn’t care about them and severely limits their options for older anime series. What’s on CR/Netflix might be okay for one first getting into anime and keeping up with most seasonal things, but once you develop preferences there’s just things they aren’t gonna have if you do research on MAL or elsewhere.


Alright, 2 things here:

  1. You’re just too damn picky/demanding yourself
  2. Is there actually more “sub-par crap” now than in previous years? Do you have statistics on what you consider to be sub par from different years to see if there actually is quantitatively more and/or a higher percentage (the more appropriate stat btw) than in previous years? Or is this just a function of time forgetting the crap shows from back in the 90s and early 2000s and now the crap shows are meme’d to death which further causes this disconnect from the reality of things?



You talking about the manga?


Has this arc been in the anime yet?