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She ain’t magical though, its Soul who transforms into a scythe, the rest is her physical ability


But she got no muscles, like I’m talking Mikasa or Yukina or Korra. Winry is kinda muscley iirc but even if she isn’t shes like pretty strong, and I aint talkin like combat strong that shit is always blown out of proportion, Winry can lift heavy shit and what not like she is actually strong.


Legend of Korra ain’t anime. FiTe Me IrL, m8.


Give me an address and a time buddy


You didn’t say muscles are though


1-7-1 Sarugakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
in 1 hour


What’s this new found obsession with Soul Eater? For some reason I thought you weren’t a fan of it.

probably going to fall asleep before you reply


Huge fan of the manga, not so much of the anime, thought it deserved a full adaptation.

don’t worry about, sweet dreams bby


You should know how well those usually do with the fans.




You’re not talking about live-action adaptions?


I am not, i mean a full anime adaptation of the manga source.

Anime original ends are usually crap


Gives me all the more reasons to read the manga.


Honestly the anime doesn’t look bad but it got way better


Meanwhile Shokugeki no Soma stays meh after it took a nosedive with the whole secret son arch. The new character is annoying, nothing gets done in chapters. I hope this arc ends soon.


I just found the best meme ever, but sadly can’t post it here

It was rap god by eminem but after a few seconds of eminem, it was a hentai with the girl talking crazy fast. It had me dead lmao


Lol, i gave up on Food Wars ages ago.


Food Wars is kinda meh.


My brother dropped it as soon as it went past the acceptable form of supernatural for what it is.
I haven’t bothered to catch up to where he dropped it.


It turned meh after the Asahi arc ended. The goal was set too high. How could they possibly have kept it interesting when the stakes were this high before? The current arc is trash. And watching the anime at least gives the food more credit in terms of looks.