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I’m not all into dem Military-esque animes.


Unless it is entirely based around #PLOT



I’ve stayed away from Military-esque anime exclusively. I never watched Code Geass, Girls Und Panzer, Full Metal Panic or any other military-like anime… it’s not my cuppa tea. just like Horror anime isn’t.

Also most of the miltary anime’s don’t have tiddies in it unless it’s a hentai where the waifu gets raped… I ain’t trying to watch some stupid shit like that it’s one of the reasons I didn’t like Goblin Slayer. I don’t see the point of it. I don’t see the appeal of military animes.


Mine neither. But it was tolerable with GATE.



For me it is the strats and sometimes the epic battles. I might like them more than other people though cus I like grew up on RTS games and what not.


If you are into strats this one was pretty darn good, well the first season the second season was a bit of a let down almost felt like an OVA to prep for a 3rd season which from what I hear will not be coming.


Yep I’ve seen that one, it was pretty good, and I completely agree about the second season. didn’t even finish it lol


Suddenly I’m thirsty for milk. It goes really well with my soft-bake cookies.


Ftfy desu


I have a preference for slighty firm cookies.

Say the fucking virgin who never touched any “cookie”


So, you’re on of those people then? I see…my mistake for overestimating your sense of taste. Although, the choice of your anime should’ve been a sign…
I’m disappointed. You showed some potential.



Maybe he meant coochie?

Also that was a pun because of the pic you posted, I prefer my cookies


Soft-Baked Cookies > Crispy Cookies

Don’t @ Me


Wait cookie was not a code?


They don’t go well with milk, though.

So, you like hard, crumbly tits? That’s even weirder.


No. I’m really eating some Pepperidge Farm Soft-Baked Chocolate Chunk Dark Chocolate Brownie Cookies right now. Figured they’d go well with milk.


Hot tough anime girls squad, anybody got any to add to this?


Oh … well… I gonna go disappear in my sleep now


You forgot the best one

Also Maka be tough as nails


Magical girls don’t count, I’m talking about like physically tough/strong, like muscles but in a hot girl kinda way