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Just realized I said didn’t. I meant don’t, but it sounds like you’ve already seen it.

I didn’t pay attention to the interviews the first time, but this time I did, and Holly crap did they fail at cutting out the spoilers. Lol

Great movie IMO! But I will say there are a few things I preferred in the sub.


Good binge worthy series, I really liked it

I don’t really remember that series but I remembered I enjoyed it, I rated it an 8


Honestly the spoilers were misleading, all in all I’m mildly disappointed


Really? I loved it, though the first time I watched it, that one part completely caught me off guard, and felt very premature, but the second time through I liked it way more.

Should have been longer.


I felt the guy had weak characterization, so otaku could relate and think that could be them. Did not cry once, also it had way too much narration.

Hell the first episode of the second season of Mob Psycho had me crying.

I did enjoy it but it could have been better, had higher hopes because it actually got a theatrical release and there seemed to be a fair amount of hype surrounding it.


Novasty without kemonomimi avatar feels wrong.


I’ve gone without it before on this forum.


I’ve almost finished rewatching Casshern Sins. I’ve always liked this series. It is pretty dark and slow paced. I like the art style and music seem like it is from an entirely different era. I’m planning on finally watching the Psycho Pass Film. I’ve owned the film since it came out on Bluray but I still haven’t seen it. This week I’ll fix that.





started watching Steins Gate 0 again. last time not all the episodes were available.



Warning: Wear headphones.


You’re not the boss of me



So you’re saying I shouldnt play this with one of my female Co workers who’s currently present?


Is she in to banjos?


I think she’s an Elton John kind of girl so I can’t see why not


Well, it is your choice, but headphones really do improve the experience as each side is a different audio track.


God has left the chat.