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As always. Play the School Days VN. Become your own legendary dumpster king.
Also there was something called Summer Days. Never looked into it. Company is still making shit though.


You’re just jealous af.


Is this true? Got this to my email. If Maid dragon gets second season then YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! :partying_face:


Can confirm is trash. Dropped it partway through episode 5, really should’ve dropped it earlier


It did, 2 episodes earlier this season


just finished ep 4 of the rising of the shield hero, finally some happiness to the poor guy!


As of now, nothing has been confirmed unfortunately. One of my favorites for sure so I certainly hope it does get a second season.


Why am I tearing up to this series? Didn’t think this would happen when I started watching it. It sounds like an anime that would be a cute time killer but it is actually rather deep, it does a great job at portraying the cat’s PoV, the relationship between the MC and the cat from both PoVs, and how this relationship affects and changes both of them.

I can’t wait for the end of the series to see how much the 2 have changed how they think and interact with each other and others from the beginning of the series.


this will break your heart


They know me too damn well

Wait, I’m listening to the song it reccomended and the beat is pretty damn good, but the lyrics are about what you’d expect from someone called hentai dude





that image is so much worse than you know


If anybody hasn’t seen this meme already


how? I feel like i have a pretty good grasp


which part do you think is the worst reference here?




I don’t even know who tf is in velma’s place


nah, Velma

Don’t google this

ShindoL Metamorphosis

am i right @Kat


Just googled it

So it is just some random hentai manga? Whatever tf those are called like doujin or some shit idk