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cannot unwatch this.

This is the cure for cancer. I’m telling you. we’ve found it.

so much aesthe-t h i c c


This is so gud


I got the Erased Blurays:

It is nice they come with extra stuff like the soundtrack but then again Aniplex of America doesn’t allow for just a Bluray Set.


The video isn’t playing but I saw 02 so I like the post

Wait this is the SFW version where is the NSFW version?


It’s 10 hours of Zero-Two hopping to based chill music


I laughed way too much at the Vsauce joke. But ya Love is war and maybe Boogiepop on to watch list. ( but I should finished Dragon dentist first…)


Bruh its two ovas get on it


I was gonna to finish it in one night but had issue playing the second and by the time I fixed the problem, it was time for bed. And now I’m trying to complete my backlog of Youtube…


I time stamped it
It's meme time


Just finished relife, it was good, the sound track was horrendous, really detracted from the show. But other than that it was good, really wish it finished the story but oh well, maybe it is finished in the specials? Anybody know? Either way I’m about to watch the specials so hopefully that actually wraps up the story.


Yeah watch the specials. OVA episodes 14-17. Definitely recommend!


Does it wrap up the story or will I be forced to read the source material for the ending to the story?


Nah wraps it up. I was really happy when those episodes came out. Not sure if there any other material to cover after that. I never looked for LN or manga.


Oh shit I’m hyped now

Also I predicted Who Hishiro and an were in episode 1, I feel like a god.


I finished Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor.

8.5 out of 10

Would watch again


Is that a joke or is it a real score, it is on my PTW list so I’m curious if it is actually good.


It’s satisfied my garbage tastes.


Wait so is this gonna have a your name ending?


In other news no one cares about.

Bout to watch ‘My Girlfriend is a Shobitch’ will report if it’s like me. Trash


Definitely, but it’s getting got a movie 2x 15min OVAs, so…trash demanded more trash.