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Good stuff, and not an mobile game ad in sight


about once or twice, sometimes 3 times a week (next week will be 3 times) I wake up at 6 and get to school and stay there until 3, get home at 3:30, change and eat lunch, head to work to get there at 4:00 and work until 10:15 or until the last customer decides to fucking leave (publix closes at 10, one time someone stayed until 10:30ish)


I’ve been reading domestic girlfriend and it’s super good


I don’t believe you


I thought the manga was gud when I was extra depressed. and in some ways it’s good. watching the anime will make you realize deep down it’s really grade ‘A’ quality garbage.


It’s been going steady for 5 years and still ongoing, previous manga good ending went on for 4 years and it was a good one too


I realize it’s basically classy kissxsis but it’s got good writing


Eh it’s more like Nozoki Ana… but without the peephole, thots and aboose


Yikes dawg why is this on my list?
Accidentally watched this when I first got into anime, idk how though.




Wait dead ass might read the manga, wtf. lmao

Wait nope just kidding just read another comment saying that hoe aint faithful.


There is no accidents…

There is no such thing in this world as coincidence, there is but that which is fated to be - Yuuko Ichihara


Wait so how is domestic girlfriend so far?


It’s good for what it is. But as a story plot it’s grade ‘A’ quality garbage.


Damn you discourse, click for full image


Forgot to post this yesterday, Beastars is getting an anime adaptation.

Don’t know if anyone else is reading Beastars, but it’s about a misunderstood Wolf named Legosi who just wants to make friends at school and lewd the loli rabbit


Not sure if Batman Ninja is a great movie because it’s so bad or just bad.
The used so many clichés, it’s ridiculous. Sure, the art style is one thing (looks good in still shots or if it was a videogame) but the animations look cheap.
Giant transformers/robots, Batman even using handsigns…
But what ultimately gives it away as not real anime is the lack of fanservice.




I saw that message before I went to bed last night and was like fuck sleep I’ll watch it, I forgot that the day changes at midnight and not when I wake up so it like just turned to the 8th and was bummed when I saw t wasn’t out yet even though it is the day it comes out.