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Yeah and how well the show handles the whole thing made me to like it even more

Hmm, if I find time I might read that. Thanks!

Can I be Anime-Lounger #747 ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok enough talking, I’ll start Re:Zero. My husbando is waiting.


as far as Fate goes; Ded


The preview for The Rising of the Shield Hero is up on CR, its pretty good and im liking it so far.


I’ve already seen the first episode, it’s gonna be gas af, I can’t wait for it to start airing normally. I’ll probs rewatch the first episode when it starts airing normally.


New episode of SAO alicization was sadly just a bunch of dialogue and a little but of gibberish at the end.


@Skelterz what was that bloodied orphans anime you were talking about a while ago?


Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans


I mean what’s it about, like what kind of show is it? I read it’s gonna be like a civil war right?


Not exactly, its 50 episodes, more like a group of kids (child soldiers) rebelling against their fate and circumstances.

Its available for free on Sunrise’s YouTube channel


That African guy from 2012 at it again?

Rewatching the good part of Overlord II again. Sebas seriously needs more screen time.
Caught up with the manga to the end of the Lizardman arc…finally. Stronoff just found Unglaus in the rain.
And I resisted buying the LNs when Vol. 3 dropped down to 13€ (compared to the 17-18€ the others are).


Yes, except on Mars


It’s been quiet around him. It could be him.


What are y’all watching rn


Aho Girl
DB Super (dub)

Just finished up Girls Last Tour which was great.

Now I’m waiting for new series’ to start airing.






Myth and Roid is bae


OxT’s songs fit well too.


Yeah. I also really enjoyed it. It’s the 2nd sub anime I’ve completed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I rewatch it sometime.


Re:Zero, watched episodes 1-8 yesterday. Great show this far imo.

Also, daym son this ending theme is good!