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Finished Sakura Quest and can confirm it’s a really good show.

I guess it’s time I got around to Girls Last Tour.

I’ve got way too much on my ptw list of various quality… from stuff like Cowboy Bebop to Bikini Warriors and everything in between.



Wait so what is boogiepop? Like the description on MAL and the first episode aren’t lining up.


It’s literally just Boogie2988 drinking cans of pop.


Wait why is episode 2 out already? I thought it started airing today


If you’re looking for it on a website that advertises “Hot Waifus in your Area!”, that might be the reason.


I just can’t get tired of Overlord. Rewatching it for the xth time and still noticing details and things that make me even more curious how it’ll progress.

Really need to catch up with the manga (currently at the Lizardman arc). So much longer until I get to see some scenes from the anime that got me thinking in the manga.
Like the scene with Albedo I mentioned a few times and this one with Princess Whatshername. Who or what is she?

And the English dub is really good imo. The voice actors are in character and match the expressions and emotions pretty well.
I’m almost preferring it over the sub tbh (also easier to watch it while eating as I don’t have to read subtitles).


That’s a gray pic mate

nvm I opened it in a new tab and it worked


Could just watch the OG version:

probably too old for you though :stuck_out_tongue:


The story is interesting and the new one is trash so I will add it to my PTW.

But the new one is so bad like they are just mish mashing everything together and expecting us to understand what the fuck is going on, like I watched 2 episodes that are out and I still don’t know a single character, they all look the same anyway, and the scenes keep going from one to another and back to that one like they are doing it so bad. Also it feels like episode 1 has nothing to do with episode 2, like its events didn’t really matter.


Just finished Zombie Land Saga and Goblin slayer, thought I’d share my opinions. This was actually the first time I followed anime series while they were airing. I tried to hide stuff in spoilers in case someone hasn’t watched these yet.

Goblin slayer

tl,dr: More character development, more story development, MOAR GOBLIN BLOOOD.

Great action and good characters in my opinion. Animation was solid. Back stories for both Goblin slayer and the Priestess were little slim, for the Priestess pretty much non-existent, so if they are going to make another season, I really hope creators would give more back story to these two, and maybe other characters also. I have no idea how the manga/LN is progressing and if GS or Priestess have any back story explained in those, but still.

Story was another thing that needs further development in the next (possible) season. What I’ve read from this thread there’s more going on in the background than what is explained in the anime, but then again, if creators knew they are going to make another season I can understand if they intentionally don’t want to tell too much.

Lastly, the first episode promised good deviation from the regular isekai anime, but tbh I think Goblin slayer did eventually fall to that “regular isekai” category. Not a bad thing tough. Next season: Moar blood and gore, just don’t kill the Priestess or elf-archer, because priestess is cute af and flat is justice

Opening theme is also good.

8/10, would slay goblins again.

Zombie Land Saga

tl,dr: Nice story, great characters, Tae-chan best gurl.

First idol anime I’ve watched, but if they are this good and entertaining I don’t mind watching more. First, the clumsy and way too obvious CGI in dancing scenes was bad. I’m sure animator could have blended it better, or make it less obvious. This is pretty much only bad thing. Otherwise the animation was great.

Oh and on episode 8 the onion ninjas caught me. Daym.

Story was good, characters were well balanced. At first I was thinking maybe there are 1 or 2 unnecessary girls in the group. In the end that was not the case, but I wish all the girls should have received equal background treatment. Now there’s at least two who are still more or less a mystery (to me). Maybe creators are planning this to the second possible season? Also, Tae-chan was good comic relief and made the already funny show even better. It’s also little bit odd that Kotono Mitsuishi, who has voiced characters like Misato Katsuragi from Evangelion and Sailor Moon, now voice acts Tae. I mean, all Tae does is growl and drool. :smile: Also I have no idea why but I completely missed the part where it was revealed Lily is transgender.



no idol anime is anywhere near as good as this one, unfortunately. At least that’s been my experience. I’ve seen a normal one, and another ridiculous one, and Zombeland Saga is miles ahead of either.

Also for the blurred section, when did they reveal that? I must’ve missed it as well if that’s true


Episode 8.

I first read about it from wikipedia, thought it was a troll. Then read about it from the Zombie Land Saga wiki. Then went and watched parts of the episode 8 again. It’s diffidently not high lighted or anything, and tbh it was so casually brought up I think it was pretty awesome. Like the show is saying between the lines “ok, what’s the big deal? Let’s move on”.

And now that I’m thinking about it, episode 8 had so much feels no wonder people missed that part.


Honestly it went over my head too, not until I watched a mother’s basement video did he point it out that it finally clicked in my head.

But I think that is a great thing about the show at that point, it really made Lily like she was one of the girls. No drama or putting Lily down for being transgender. muh hart muh feels.

Poor Papi.


There is a Goblin Slayer year one manga, not sure about the light novels but i honestly still the same complaints, the not having names shtick is already old.


Whatever do you mean, Anime-Lounger #3?


So stoked this got a translation, the scans are…
Not good.


Ooo nice, thanks for reminding me about Abara. Somehow I totally missed it and didnt get it last month.


Continuing Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family

newlywed Caster is cute as fuck
also I’ve got a soft spot for the Fate characters that get totally boned


I have two understandings for this term, dead or not dead?