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Call me an old fag but I love the 95 to 2005 years of anime. Voice acting has a certain feel to it. Almost natural compared to the voice actors of today. Not saying that modern VAs are bad, but something feels generic in their voices.


I watched the OG Sailor Moon, Attack No.1, Slam Dunk, etc in my childhood.


Just did a look through of my completed anime and 43 of the 219 on there are from 2005 or older. PTW has a bunch more from that era. I just like anime… doesn’t matter to me when it was made. All this talk of “animation quality” or whatever I just don’t get (except for Himote House… I watched like 10 seconds of that and noped the fuck out).

I grew up with OG Toonami. So things like DBZ, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam, etc. I don’t remember much of them though. I’ll have to give them another watch through at some point.


For my part my like of anime is the ones from after 2005. It constitutes the big mass of what I watched, especially between 2005 and 2013, and also constituted what started me on the the journey. But for stuff like Ghibli movies or Evangelion it goes well because the anime quality is great, without like that 90 look I’m not fond of.

Speaking of Evangelion, I finished it. I loved the pacing and the atmosphere at the end. And wow I never thought Ode to the joy could be used that way in episode 24. I was tense because of the music even if nothing happened for 2 min. And I like that uplift note of the ending after treatment of such subjects.

But now I need to watch the End of Evangelion. Will watched it later on in the night.


It seems there’s a lot that you’re not fond of


idk… I’m not picky with most things so it surprises me when people are super picky about something


I don’t watch a lot of anime, so I only want to watch what will be meaningful to me and not only entertaining.


@Reformed_JoelBanks, if you’re still looking for action check out Kekkai Sensen


I’ve watched a few episodes of that and I stopped because I was so confused.




I don’t remember I just remember I was so fucking confused I stopped watching it, I haven’t dropped it yet but I will probably only watch it again if someone who knows wtf is going on watches it with me on so it can be explained to me when I get confused.


Also, there was one anime where some high school kids got super powers and like formed a club or some shit what is that one? I have it on my PTW list I’m pretty sure and I’ve spent the past like 30 minutes looking for it but can’t find it


Also just opted for continuing where I left off for rewatching my hero academia


Watched End of Evangelion. So ya I do not understand really the end. I do prefer the ending as told in episode 25 and 26 of Evangelion and its philosophical outlook, but also this ending helps to understand End of Evangelion.

It’s particularly the last thing in End of Evangelion that confused me the most (I know it’s a reference to what happen in the beginning of the movie but still)




I started watching that when I first started watching anime then forgot about it lol, I’ll pick it back up once I get my fill of my hero academia


It’s an alright show. Towards the end it might piss you off.


How so?


There is a bit of a time skip sequence. May or may not bug you.


Continuing my rewatch of Log Horizon, what sticks out to me is the group of players that first tried to rob the MCs is constantly in the background hustling after they got their asses handed to them and i think it’s hilarious.


Continuing my rewatch of my hero academia, I wonder what would happen if Aizawa used his quirk on tooru, or if all for one took her quirk.