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Magical girl with ptsd, fighting horrors from another world.




These two are from day one.

On day three, I saw a cat girl in a box.

Also someone seems to have captured a nipslip on a Fate Elizabeth Bathory cosplay…


Idk cus you posted it, also it is a selfie

Link link link lol jk Actually I’m not link me


Sounds interesting, I’ll give it a few episodes




It is a collection of images from Comiket.
Here’s more:

The character that one dude try to marry his DS for:


They pranked me


I don’t see the nip slip pic :angry:


We have rules here. Also I thought you hated 3D?


Pm mate, nah I like 3D over 2D that’s why I don’t bother with hentai vids only pics :wink:


On that note, while it aint anime related, it is at comiket so it should get a pass getting posted in here:


Let me just uh save that real quick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




0/10 wrong glasses

should be taller and red


So an isekai prtoagonist buys 2 slave girls… Sounds familiar…


1 slave girl*
The other one hatches from an egg.

Also this one aint revolved around fan service.


Which he bought from the same slave trader


More like gifted.

Also think of it more of a character working his way to the top after everyone else screwed him over.


Kinda has made in abyss vibes