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I’ve done that countless times, and countless times it did not work.


I really dig this OP and ED from Overlord. Time for a rewatch with - dun dun duuuun - Engl. dub.

Guess I found a new musician to listen to.

The subtitles are crap. They match with the dub in terms of content, but not in terms of words said.
dub- “I’m such a dork”
sub- “I’m so stupid”

dub- “What was that command again?”
sub- “The command was…”


Youjo Senki has a similar song.

Now that the dub is finished I’m going to start binging it. Yay!


Similar cause it’s by Myth&Roid too.



you watching it?
people are mad about character deaths and the anime as a whole has been a bit of mess structurally. the problems are more with the last season then this season because people dont understand how we got here.


Lol nope, I didn’t like what they did with re and all the side switching and not explaining shit so I decided I’m not gonna watch it till it finishes or a new season that is really good comes out. Because if in the end it doesn’t get a proper ending and just stops then Idgaf about it anymore, I enjoyed the first 2 seasons after that it was doo doo


Ay don’t forget silent solitude, if you’re gonna take over the world it better be taken over while listening to that song.


@TeckMonster good shit good shit



You know you can edit posts and separate answers by linking users and putting three - - - (no spaces between and an extra return press, otherwise it makes the line above a bigger font) to create a line?

Like this.


Never like this.



nice did not know about that
I always used 3 underscores.


I asked how to do that before, nobody answered me so I didn’t bother with it any further. Thanks




It actually doesn’t look that bad, might pick it up for shits and giggles since it is only a dollar. Bought another shitty anime (more like hentai but whatever) game that was only a buck and it wasn’t so bad ewither


It’s possible that the people who read it just didn’t know how to do it either.

Why is it that video games - especially MMORPGs - look so much more fun in anime than they are in reality?

Log Horizon and Overlord are a good example that even mention some of the parts that make those kinds of games less fun in reality.
For example the number crunching and ability encyclopedia: knowing all the abilities of all the bosses and their cooldowns, knowing each loot table of each boss and grind to get specific items. In reality people take this even steps further and create whole spreadsheets full of formulas that let you calculate if stat x is better than stat y and why or why it switches with ability z.

In anime it usually looks like fun and they don’t care about numbers that much (only if an item is better than what you currently have) but it’s more kinda like luck and not knowing at all what’s even possible in the game. They go forward and have fun.

I hope this kinda rant didn’t drift too far away from anime.




I get it, it’s like the stories you hear about crazy stuff happening in Eve but the game play looks nothing like what is described.