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high school lel

dont think is actually r17 or anything but the whole panty shots etc stuff


kind of funny Kodomo aired 1 season after Moetan


it was da warm up? :stuck_out_tongue:


Which roughly translates to body pillow, meaning @SoulFallen wasn’t wrong.




ya see i calls ya chris handsome


This is a pillow.

This is a body pillow.


All pillows are a pillow but not all pillows are a body pillow. I called your square a rectangle and now youre triggered.

Tell you what I toss your corpse in a trash bag and slide a Rem pillow case over you then sleep with it.



waitimg for that anime to finish intensifies


Waiting for another chapter of both Goblin Slayer and Goblin Slayer - Year One intensifies


idk what y’all were talking about trying to get me to not watch Kodomo no Jikan.
Halfway through and it’s pretty good. Episode 6 bringing the feels though…

If you can look past the pedo elements it’s a good show really, would be really good if they just pulled that crap out altogether. But then that’s like Eromanga Sensei where it’d be good if they pulled out all the siscon crap.


Was not sure if the pedo stuff would bother you. Later on you will see why things had occurred the way they did.


I’m pretty desensitized to it in anime. I’ve seen stuff like Blend S, Chu-Bra!!, Eromanga-Sensei, Koe de Oshigoto!, and let’s not even get started on “art”.

Yeah I have ideas rolling, and I’m eager to see how it goes down. This show was far more interesting than I initially thought. I figured it was gonna be just some loli ecchi comedy relying on pedo situations and humor, but it has so much more to it than that.


got some gobiidae in the bait fish tank otuside. never heard them scream before


Bunny girl senpai is just too good, looking forward to what the next supernatural thing will be.

Wasn’t a huge fan of the op at first but I fuckin love it now, loved the ED from day one though it is great.


Also tokyo ghoul re 2 score is still going down. was like a 6.9 or some shit when you last checked it @ThatBootsGuy now it is a 6.5

I mean if it keeps going down instead of going up or stationary then it is probably bad right?


I was very impressed with Kodomo no Jikan. Pretty great show once you get past the lolicon aspect (which does indeed have a reason for being there unlike some other shows like Ryuuou no Oshigoto!). I went into it expecting nothing but ecchi humor, but it had a lot of substance once it got rolling (took a few episodes to get there, but once it did it was really good). If you can’t handle lolicon stuff then yeah, stay away, but if you’re able to overlook that stuff then it’s really a pretty good show. A bit of psychology, drama, comedy, romance (and not just lolis), violence, and suspense all mixed together. I ended up giving it an 8 on my personal scale.