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The audio was terrible for Hellsing Ultimate on vrv so i grabbed the Blu-ray off the shelf and updated my ps3


Not sure what horror/spooky stuff to I really want to watch, but I haven’t seen Elfen Lied in a while so I’m going to watch that tonight.

It’s been as long month and I picked up a few things, but still saving my shekels.

After getting all of The Shinji Ikari Raising Project I finally got around to Angelic Days.

Was pretty neat to watch Zillion now that it is remastered and honestly wish they would have done a dub for it. Who knows, if they do a dub I might double dip. Lupin is great fun as always and I’ve been enjoying the dub quite a bit.

I’ve seen Funimation start to release to some of their series as “essentials”, which I hope is their replacement to the horrid SAVE program that has plagued collections with the nasty green spines. Been quite a while since I have seen Phantom Requiem for the Phantom so will have to watch through it this weekend along with King of Thorn.

Got some more volumes of Again!!

I picked up the How A Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom light novel as well and have been enjoying it quite a bit. Still need to pick up the rest of the Overlord LNs too.

It's animu I guess:

Also ordered the Batman Animated Series on bluray, but sadly it is still not here yet which I was hoping it would be here today so I could watch through some of it tonight.


got that in a wallpaper size? cause thats amazing


i would not

hehe but seriously its slow and doesnt go anywhere then just stops.


Handbrake and big HDDs are better than a console.


@TeckMonster, Hidive was added to vrv

Im going to move away from vrv though because you can still only link CR accounts and i don’t want to miss content like with funi.


I’m saving the 48 minute episode of Fate Stay Extra for Friday after work. Kinda shocked that season two is literally three episodes… what? Ok but the last one has to be really good [With it being 48 minutes I really hope it is]. So far it has been good stuff.


I forgot how good the #PLOT and fanservice in Fairy Tail are.

See for yourself, if you dare.


@Skelterz did you see VRV added HiDive already?

There’s only like 15 different series tho… I don’t think they finished adding everything.


Hello fellow anime lovers! I, too, find fulfillment in consumption of licensed media.


Hmm, well I might resubscribe then. lol
But I’ll give it some time for them to iron out any kinks.


Very nice, and welcome. Do you have a MAL account?


their site is already way better from when i first subbed, they added a queue and its just smoother over all


Funimation was never really good with content… Their Simuldubs were way behind.


because you have to translate, rewrite the script so it makes sense then cast and get VAs to do the job who may not be available on a weekly basis.

VAs have like a 4hr minimum and one episode barely covers that to doing one episode at a time is not financially viable


It’s always viable!


Woah its been centuries since you have been anywhere on the forum.


I am quite concerned for my 8 yo nephew lol.
I usually happen to glance up once in a while and see a bit of the #PLOT in full swing.


It’s fucking glorious


VRV or HiDive?
I almost exclusively use their apps.