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princess principal is a great anime I loved it


man this sounds like so much fan service :thinking: I’m tempted to give it a shot for the lols :stuck_out_tongue:


I told y’all that the magic one was good and the art and animation is beautiful.


You don’t reallt get the fan service till the end of the first episode.



Well in both case they just depict themselves really well :wink:


I was just upset I could not find it. But it was actually on Amazon.


Bunny show seems to be pretty damn good so far.

Zombieland Saga on the other hand… is garbage… but I’m enjoying the hell out of it

Also, this show from spring finally finished its Japanese dub

Pretty good show imo. Nothing amazing, but it’s certainly not bad (haven’t seen the last 2 episodes yet, starting those now).

Edit: Just watched the last 2 episodes…


you can’t end a show like that… if this doesn’t get a second season that’s just criminal…


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There are 3 must watch series this season

  • Reincarnated as a slime
  • Bunny girl senpai
  • Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara


I’m currently watching 11 from this season.

Bad list… missing:

  • Bloom into you

Not sure on Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara so far… could go either way

Quite a few confusing shows this season.


Damn Vol 11 of The Devil is a Part-Timer was really good. Looking forward to vol 12!!!


Monster Family or whatever its called is sub par, i love monster girls but not even that could keep me watching.


Now I really want to give a try to Principal Princess and Bunny Girl. That will be in 20 days



It started out pretty slow, but it did get much better at the end… Then they had to go and finish on a cliffhanger. I really hope it gets a second season to finish the story, or at least bring closure to the end of this season.




Great monster girls but shitty anime

@ThatBootsGuy, i went three episodes but i hated it almost immediately, the mc just seems really dumb.

Also the character designs sucked




yeah he has no common sense really, makes it rough.

Personally I think the show could’ve used more Suishi since she comes off as the most put-together of the group.

It wasn’t anything spectacular, but imo it was pretty decent. I certainly enjoyed it.