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i got a tube of them lel

just too lazy to take pics cause tired from work :x


I had a giant tub of slammers but threw em out ages ago


shoulda made it hail at the club one last time


ah, now slammers I remember.

Just the tail end of that whole thing though.


Makin it rain with the entire NHL twice over


So more shit that flies over our heads and we wont get yet he still uses that language anyways?


I just got this email from MAL

Holy shit wtf is this cast!?


Welp. Of the 3 shows this season with the “shoujo-ai” tag, I’ll be watching all of them. Only 1 seems like it can be genuine quality, the other 2 are just enjoyable trash so far.

Also, the Bunny anime has me thoroughly confused.


Oh ya also received that email and was like “why do they recommwnd me an isekai?”


So there is a new Index…


Anything new this season look interesting to anybody?


Same, I might watch it cus I like cross over stuff like that when it isn’t canon.


Very easily that’s how


I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait


reincarnated as a slime, Goblin Slayer


Avoid radiant and zombiland like the plague, they are garbage. idk why but I’m watching the first episode of everything pretty much.


Just watched reincarnated as a slime, I’ll probably watch the next episode that comes out and see where it goes.

Do it so I don’t have to


The first episode wasn’t very good imo, i read the manga adaptation and really enjoyed it. In fact i read it to see if it was smutty like I thought it would be spoiler it isnt


I agree the first episode wasn’t very good, and I can usually tell if I’m going to drop a show by the end of the first or second episode. It at least looks like effort was put into it so we’ll see where it goes.


Damn, I forgot we have to wait for anime to be subbed after it is released. feelsbadman