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And this is why i gave up on giving you recs


Mecha in space is so confusing and disorienting when there are fights. I wouldn’t be able to follow what is happening so I’d just get bored.


SEED really wasn’t all that bad. Certainly not the worst mecha I’ve ever watched.

Destiny was pretty meh.


Because I don’t like mecha?


The fights aren’t even the main point of the show. They only force the plot to move forward.


I just couldn’t get into it personally, not sure why.

Mobile Suit Gundam aired in 1979


Still when a fight does happen I’d expect it to take a few minutes and I don’t want to be bored for a few minutes or confused af while watching anime.

If I can’t follow what is happening in a fight then why bother watching it. You know what I mean


I’m sure someone has recommended Escaflowne before, definitely a good one to watch.



New Macross? Aww yeah


Holy shit this opening is pure cheese


That is only if the camera work is horribly bad. If that is your limiting factor along with the rest of it, I understand why @Skelterz just stopped giving you anime to watch and he has a bigger list to shuffle through than I will ever have.


it’s from the fucking 70s bro.

Respect your elder animu!


Takes place 8 years after Frontier


So great :laughing:

I thought the english dub was pretty decent and made watching it easier.


I do enjoy it, just gotta recognize the cheese


Just noticed I can use this meme now, yay.


Watching the dub while I build Gunpla right now


So few people will understand your LoL memes, I wouldn’t even bother.

And headphone warning.


Nah that is only one reason, when it is in space they always make the mechas look the same or it is just hard for me to tell the difference so you have no idea who is who and everyone is just going everywhere it seems cus there is no up or down so it is fairly disorienting lol


Usagi Drop is so sweet (no I have not finished it, just finished episode 9)