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that aint koobi


Never forghetti


lel didnt say it was :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m putting an anime sticker on my truck can’t decide what. needs to be meme status can’t decide.

Help me, I need anime cultural guidance from the culture club.


At CRX I saw a Senpai sticker though of putting that across my visor, I was so fucking tempted to buy it.
I think you should do something you actually enjoy.
Any large vertical gundam vinyls?
I still have a burning earth logo on my bottom left of my rear window.
A lot of people think its a burning soccer ball. Press F to pay respects to TS


Can confirm. Now go watch Madoka Magica.


Top kek!

@SoulFallen, the Rem one you posted was pretty meme worthy, anything Re; Zero is imo.
Other than that i agree with @Theonewhoisdrunk get what ever you like, maybe a Zeon vinyl.


Inb4 Flat is Justice


That works too


Watching a place further than the universe rn


Stickers are for kids No really they really should only be for kids cus putting stickers on things that shouldn’t have stickers (like cars) is ugly af imo and is either permanent or a huge pain in the ass to get off then clean off

What you should do is pay a professional to make a life size statue of your number one waifu


Or just go full professional wrap


Go big or go home.


I would never be caught driving that kind of car ever… Even that HDN one behind it.

Even if you gave it to me for free, I’d go buy a heat gun and remove that wrap asap.


Same, but it is still better than normal stickers.


A Megumin itasha is pure class


I’ve got so much anime to catch up on after being gone for a week… rip me.


No balls. I’d rock one that had an anime on it I liked.


Drop everything


drops Kiznaiver