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well the series is pretty front loaded with the most memorable moments but the end to the first series was pretty crap, I’m glad it was popular enough to get a full adaptaiton


I thought the end to both was a bit lackluster. :confused:


Strictly in my opinion, the movie saved it for the first one.


Conqueror of Shambala?

@sgtawesomesauce you’re clearly drunk




I am.


it looked good and was kind of interesting but it’s nothing i’ll watch again


Wow, surprisingly spot-on with how I felt.
I thought they were talking about a different movie.


dunno found second one overall to be more meh execution, voice/character design, script, the stuff with greed, maybe is just direction for some of it, in how the actual lines were read etc, mostly tonal stuff, to where id say i prefer the first one for basically anything thats in both/where it follows the manga, but the second does follow it to the end/has more stuff

the very end especially just oh were gonna go learn other native alchemy shiz, sort of less sense of possibility/wonderment then the whole parallel world thing where its like crazy shit went down


I’m here for the husbandos clearly


I’m starting to notice MMORPG based animes are now the shittiest animes to ever anime. anything that’s crap throws MMORPG on it and it’s off to the races. it’s interchangable with catgirls at this point as a plot device.


Its because of the issekai trend still going on. Lol new world lol its actually a vidya game lol this is good anime formuloli.


I’m writing a new anime i’m calling it High school big tiddy cat girl MMORPG


You’ll make millions


Oh for sure, it’s a lesbian love story.



Work a few traps in there and you’ll rule the world.





What we need now is a sequel to FMA that covers their travels in other countries and how everyone ended up getting together.



Just write the fan fic yourself