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The same way they did it with Panty and Stocking

I’ve not seen the full series dubbed yet, but the pieces I have seen it really changes the context of some of the scenes, and usually, makes it a bit funnier than it already is in the sub.


Will post my collection of degeneracy soonTM


There’s no need to post your Jersey Shore dvds here.


Lmfao MTV post 2004…

Oh yeah, all the fucking traps, jesus christ…

Crap, bought sweetness and lightning vol 10 thinking I already had 9, well going to order that on amazon before I get to into 10.

I remember seeing two vol 8’s and a vol 10. No 9.


McQueen? KACHOW (I believe that is what he says iirc)


Just finished season 1 of working, it was so god damn boring I kept dozing off so I had no idea who the newest worker there is. As long as in the end the romance works out like you all told me, that’s what I’m aiming for when I watch this series is to see it all unfold like you all say.

Popura is the cutest damn thing ever, just her name is cute, it sounds like a fluffy dog name and is so cute

This guy bout to shoot the place up god damn

overall rated the anime a 6 hopefully the next 2 seasons do better at grabbing and maintaining my attention.


If it is boring to you why are you watching it? We can’t change your shit taste but if you would have known what the show was like within a few eps.


Everyone said it has a proper ending with all the relationships working out one way or another. Watching it for the ending

I’d watch big forehead perfect forehead mb girl’s anime too if it got an ending and the romance ended well.


Pixar is my favorite anime studio


I haven’t finished it but everyone that I have talked to has been happy with how it ended.


says show is boring

continues watching it to see how it ends


ikr I can’t fathom watching something that bored me. Just drop it and move on lol

I say this as someone that is a NEET with too much free time right now.


Look at how much shit I watched just cus I want to see the ending, like look through my completed list and you’ll see so much trash that I didn’t really like all that much but finished watching because once I get into a story I just have to finish it even if it doesn’t actually end and I don’t know if it has an ending or not like I do with Working!!


Wow, a true NEET, everyone here has no lives but they aren’t actually NEETs, I never thought I’d live to see the day. An actual NEET has graced us with his presence, REJOICE MY WEEABU BROTHERS and single sister NUKE FOR WE HAVE BEEN CHOSEN


I’m almost full time NEET thank you very much. Just a few months at the start of the year where I’m working.


So you earn enough in the 3 months to not work the rest of the year?



nah, but close. I help run a tax preparation company.


I figured that it must be something tax related due to the time of year :wink:

Speaking of taxes I have a feeling that mine are going to be a pain in the ass this year.


haha, yeah i stopped watching Shin Sekai Yori cause it was dumb as fuck


Why does everyone in this thread have shit tastes?