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Just knowing what he normally looks like and seeing him cosplay just kinda gives me the creeps lol IDK.


He did Dark Lux, why are you creep’d out?


I’ve never payed league cross dressing cosplay shit much attention until sneaky and his sivir cosplay lol. and now that I am paying attention to it it just creeps me out.


Go look up boxbox in his riven outfit, he wasn’t even trying. It was entertaining.


He made your prince parts confused. It’s normal fam. /s



I watched the first episode of this and I honestly have no idea what to think of it. I’m not exactly sure what it is tbh lol

If someone knows, please explain to me what this series is supposed to be lol


Dragon Vore




Google it


Just now noticing this list is in alphabetical order, I should put an A in front of my name to be first :stuck_out_tongue:


I did and it gave me a bunch of weird youtube videos that I don’t want to watch.


I mean have you ever tried to specify your google searches?
like someword defintion or someword urbandictionary?
Queries are a really powerful thing if you know how to use them. There is more advanced commands as well.


You know, my googling skills have always sucked. But I just did what you said and I now know what Vore is and what those videos that came up are about. I’m dropping that anime now and going to try to remove all memory of vore.

I’m gonna stick with feet cus that isn’t too weird and is pretty common, I just said that out loud and it sounds pretty weird, how do I train myself to not like something that I like? Lmao


Yeah I don’t really understand the whole being eaten alive or mutilated to stimulate them sexually. Maybe because it seems like such a taboo? No clue to be honest.
To each their own.


Teach me how to google so I can fix this problem of mine lol


uhhh I dunno, years of searching for porn has honed my google fu.
/s about 30 percent.
But really though, I think it comes down to context like when you search for something, say you are in a conversation, and you hear a term. A single word on google can be so general that billions of results are going to pop up.
Sometimes the correct amount of words will pop up to results you want because they are commonly searched terms and commonly searched results.




Got you a foot fetish anime right here.


That is like the 3rd or 4th anime I watched bro lol, and it is one of the 2 anime I have re-watched, that and koe no katachi.