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Still not the trashiest show I’m currently watching… but it is very trashy.


What’s the trashiest then


Currently it’s Chu Bra or Miss caretaker of Sunohara-sou.


Best is grand blue tho


So the other FMA series has a completely different half that doesn’t follow the source material cus it wasn’t out?


Just listened to one of the best songs ever for like 12 minutes, in this time while I was freaking the fuck out and dancing my heart out I nearly stabbed my out with a fork as I was eating and fell into some boxes in the garage after I lost my balance and accidentally punched my noots. Maybe I freaked out too hard on this song but it was worth it cus it is awesome



Finished the First episode of The Garden of Sinners:
Interesting. Dark. Good main character. Pretty well animated. Wondering how the rest of the series will play out. So far I like it.


So much trash


Wait a minute, is black clover gonna have the hunter exam for magic knights? Ah rip guess not


Seven deadly sins


It’s a great series. Don’t watch the new movie.

also really fun to binge the whole thing.




as long as we get some good memes



Yo pass the lube


@Skelterz why tf am I watching episode 13 of black clover? And where did my day go, I wanna refund on my time.




I just remembered that I watched naruto, at first I thought I watched like 30 some episodes but then I remembered I watched like 120 ish.

somebody help me


Chase that booty!


wow you’re hella far behind

and yes that episode was pure cancer

well every episode is pure cancer actually