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fuck you. This is the best track of last year


As much as I love that series none of the themes really caught my attention.



My two favorite tracks have to be from MegaloBox’s ending

And the opening of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen


Megalobox interests me from an animation perspective but the premise doesn’t really catch me. I’ll probably watch it eventually when i’m in the mood.


It’s your basic underdog story, a rif on Ashita no Joe


Guys, you seem quick to forget Made in Abyss soundtrack…


Eva’s is still better

Though I have to say I like Gundam Thunderbolt’s use of free jazz and classic pop more.


The only one that rivals Eva in my opinion is Cowboy bebops sountrack for a few main reasons. the primary of which being it has a clear artistic direction which is outside of the norm but it’s also just genuinely good music.

I’m also fond of a lot of the gundam Music but it’s mostly just kind of there with the exception of iron blooded orphans which also has a defined artistic direction.


a meme classic.


better yet imagine watching this high.


I like how anime can both bastardize Western mythology (The Fate series) or weave it into an amazing story (Ancient Magus Bride)


Ah rip I thought that was a bad ass looking evangelion clip like from a newer version or remastered version or whatever they’re called.

but is that from one of the animes? I’d def watch that one gladly


I’m pretty sure it’s just fan art.


Rip, good fan art though, they should make an evangelion series or movie that has that kinda art style.


Fucking hyped for the new DN anime coming out, looks lit af.


speaking of realistic anime a live action gundam is in the works and it’s looking like it’s gonna be pretty legit


I have no hope for Live action anime considering how bad DBZ was.


If it is my kinda good I’ll watch it, but I ain’t watching the other Gundam shit

Nvm just realized you said live action, that shit doo doo


They did all right with Edge of Tomorrow

I do like the manga character designs better