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ye pretty sure the entire bount thing is they literally dont exist in the bleach shiz lel

check the lists of filler episodes are some runs of like 25-50 episodes in a row of all filler


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It’s is done (mostly)
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Yep, this one goes into my cringe collection.


pretty smooth paint job!

How’d you end up making the GGOs though LOL

edit: oh it does look like each G is different than the other, huh. never noticed that.


I’ll forgive you bringing me in here this time…

very nice


I used some craft vinyl as a stencil, it was mostly free freehand and that G took a little paint with it when removing the vinyl.


Thanks for including me in the @. Appreciate it, buddy…


Yeah I’ve had that issue with vinyl masks taking some paint. I guess we gotta peel it a bit earlier.

Also if you need any vinyl cuts next time I can do it for ya. My machine’s been sitting pretty idle recently. Thought I would use it more but I guess not.



Nah, K-On! does.


K-On! is too fuwa fuwa to even compare to Eva, while it’s soundtrack is great it still pales in comparison to Eva’s




I haven’t seen Evangelion yet, but a soundtrack that can rival fuwa fuwa time and Tenshi ni Fureta yo! has my attention.

Just looking at the lyrics for Tenshi ni Fureta yo! has me tearing up again.


If you feel like questioning life it’s a good one.


Great track but I would listen to Don’t Say lazy 9 times out of 10


best track of the last year.