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It annoys me how much time was invested into the Arrancar’s character development for them to all but be forgotten afterwards.


That and how useless the Bount arc was. Skipped through it entirely (again). On the one hand I liked how Aizen was a common thread through the entire series, on the other hand it’s a shame how he was the only big villain and plain too (at least after he left Seireitei).


Wasn’t the bount arc anime filler?


Haven’t read the manga yet but it sure feels like a filler arc. Might start that next as I finished Ageha wo Ou Monotachi today…that one really either needed to be longer in general or not leave the end kinda open (hate that).

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi has an asshole MC. The premise is good and the story interesting but the MC is just a jerk.


Just started the new episode of overlord, wait it’s over already? That episode was fast af and not much happened but oh well, really only 2 things happened and one wasn’t really big while the other we didn’t get to see what happens because of it.


Started watching Black Lagoon. Only seen the first episode so far. I may enjoy this. Seems promising. Wait and see.


Nah, Wendell said something along the line of “The time spent shitposting on the forums can be used to actually be doing something,” after a episode of the news and that struck me a true so I don’t lurk very much anymore.


well i guess i agree with that but at the same time you shouldnt have to feel bad about doing whatever it is in your time of leisure if you enjoy doing it

not that this means you cant get something productive done or do something else you enjoy

then again im generally a very lazy person, so perhaps im too easy on myself


It’s happening


what is


i dont get it what is going on


I’m building a custom Llenn themed PC and taking it to quakecon this week



Source AT&T:

Important bit:

The Otter Media companies have built large networks of talented creators and influencers and have deep libraries of video content. The Otter Media portfolio includes Ellation, a transformative entertainment company and home of industry-leading platforms Crunchyroll and VRV. Crunchyroll is a SVOD service that gives millions of fans access to a vast library of anime content. VRV aggregates and distributes content from multiple over-the-top content providers, including Crunchyroll and Rooster Teeth.

How do I feel about this:
There is only the rain


fucking hell


I want so much to see the final result!

More reasons to yarr.


Bleach anime fillers

  • Bount arc (ep 64-109)
  • End of the Arrival arc/Beginning of Sneak Entry Arc (ep 128-137)
    • Ep 147-149
  • Shusuke Amagai arc (ep 168-189)
    • Ep 204, 205, 213, 214, 227, 228, 229
  • Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arc (ep 230-265)
    • Ep 284, 287, 298, 299, 303-305, 311-316
  • Invading Army arc (ep 317-342)
    • Ep 355






I thought crunchyroll was always owned by some bigwig company.

EDIT: Ahh I see now, AT&T is planning on acquiring the last 20% they don’t own.


I just watched teh newest Overlord episode, after reading the the synopsis for vol. 7 & 9, I now understand why they animated volume 8 first…

If they went in release order, episodes 2 ~ 5 would of felt like some shounen anime filler being done midway though the arc.

RIP, the anime will be done before vol 9 even gets released.