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I’M A FUCKING GOD just thought I’d let yall know that


I feel like trying a new genre, not mecha, what are some good music anime? like actual anime not a music anime video like shelter. I’d count K-ON as one or your lie in april


Love Live School Idol Project wasn’t bad, not great but not bad.

Same goes for Tenshi no 3P

Not great shows, but, not bad and fairly enjoyable.

K-On! Is certainly the best in that genre I’ve seen so far though.


Haha, NO

Idol shows are as dumb as the real thing.


looks at Skelterz’s list
Fails to see Love Live


I would agree that most Idol shows are garbage. This one, however, isn’t as simple as becoming idols. Much like K-On! wasn’t really about the music. It was a theme, but not the entirety of the story.

It’s certainly not as good as K-On!, the pacing feels weird (especially towards the end), but overall I found it to be quite enjoyable.

Edit: Also sees Yuru Yuri on his dropped list



K-On! is fucking amazing
Hibiki! Euphonium
Tari Tari

thats about it for music anime you haven’t seen


yeah it was fucking stupid

my general rule is if i can watch a series in any order and not miss anything its most likely trash.




sounds like you wasted your time

I would honestly watch Eromanga Sensei again


I watched everything to do with Yuru Yuri so far, and am going to watch the new OVA coming up.

It was a fantastic series. Similar in feel to Azumanga Daioh, but manages to keep its own personality. The humor, the ridiculous occurrences, the ever-present Yuri themes, it was just great imo. Yes it doesn’t follow as much of a plot-line as other SoL shows like Azumanga Daioh or K-On!, but at the same time it does it’s own thing in a fun, lighthearted, and enjoyable way.


like i could see you pulling this if i said something about K-On! but Yuru Yuri? the show is nothing, I just read chapter 108 and its the same dumb shit from episode 1.




Other music anime I’ve been meaning to watch
So Ra No Wo To
and Nana


I gave that show more time than it deserved, maybe okay to watch as some background noise but not worth my attention


You tell him


That’s on my list, seems fantastic. Just haven’t been in the mood to watch it lately.

Started watching YuGiOh to relive my childhood (but in japanese because it’s way less “kid friendly”) since I’m really struggling finding interest in Chu Bra which is some serious trashiness, but at the same time not quite bad enough for me to drop yet.


ok i can’t take anything you say seriously


Muh childhood tho…

Also spent almost a year watching just Pokemon before I really got into anime.

I’m not saying YuGiOh is great or anything, just nostalgic. Although, it’s much darker than I remember, at least Season 0 is.


When you say music anime, I think of Macross for what ever reason.


Macross has a pretty prominent idol element to it.


Reached the Hueco Mondo arc in Bleach and the first episode with Nel…oh, the incoming feels…