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just realized something. their exist a good anime live action that is arguably better then the manga. edge of tomorrow.


Well the source is actually a novel, which I have but not read yet

It was an exceptional adaptation, wish it for more acclaim


That’s always the problem with light novel adaptations, there is a movie coming soon


i read the manga?


Just saying that is an adaptation as well

For example, I found the manga and anime for Welcome to the NHK inferior to the novel


Aw, man…I tried to stall finishing Ageha wo Ou Monotachi but now I’m reaching the end. Too bad it’s such a short manga.

Finished Sun Ken Rock before that. Usually gangster stuff isn’t something that interests me but this one was quite entertaining.


What Netflix animes are worth watching?


Read Crows it’s basically Fairy Tail with highschool gangs.


How much FRIENDSHIP is there?

I was looking for something similar to Sun Ken Rock and found Girls of the Wild’s.


Little Witch Academia
Gurren Lagann
Children of Whales
Violet Evergarden
Fate Zero
Fate Extra
Fate Stay Night unlimited blade works
Your Lie in April
Devilman Crybaby


gurren lagann, one punch man, aldnoah zero(im probably one of the few who like it)


please no more feels ;_;


Manga salesman: slaps Worst This baby can fit so much friendship…

Drags on and becomes very boring


I liked it but probably wouldn’t watch it again

A few I forgot @strykerzr350
Kuro Murkuro
Knights of Sudonia


Chronic liars on a salary.


I mean, it’s not as if I don’t have a backlog of finished and ongoing manga to work through, but as always…I need to find something I’m in the mood for right now.
But Sun Ken Rock surprised me. Was the right length too (unlike Benito).


It’s a problem with a lot of Manwha, they drag on and become super generic or go way off the deep end.


Huh, tell me about it. Brawling Go is already in the “dragging on” phase and if Nice Guy kept going on it would be in the same boat. On top of that: they all look the fucking same. Is there only one artist in Korea? And what’s the Koreans’ deal with shaved sides/back of the head? Is this some fetish over there that just looks ridiculous?


Struggling to continue reading D.I.C.E and forgot to pick SQ: Begin W/Your Name! up after the basketball arch.


omg i thought you were dead


feryquitous is so fkn good

the producer is feryquitous btw not the vocals, but the vocals are amazing too