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Old meme.


This is pretty gud so far.


Lights out for some me time ?


Nah, I’m watching all the #PLOT anime I can find on VRV.


What is that show?

Asking for @Reformed_JoelBanks




Shh I know you are asking for science of course.


The Testament of Sister New Devil


Hi I know nothing about anime, enlighten me.


Are you looking for an anime recommendation?


Speaking of Anime Recommendations, The new episode of Persona 5 should be out tomorrow.


Total introduction. Honestly from a outside perspective it feel like a lot of people look down on it I do not wish to be that guy,


Tanpopo Popotan a shit I know I watched it.
Carameldansen was that good good when I was in high school. Couldn’t stop listening and would constantly play it to bug my friends, a few liked the song as well though.
huh maybe I should give it an un-ironic rewatch since my interest in trash have changed.


There are mountains of trash just like any other medium, keep that in mind when you come across something so egregious you want to write off all anime.

Shonen - shows for young boys
Shojo - shows for girls
Seinen - mature aimed at teens to adult men
Josei - mature aimed at teens to adult women
Yuri - lesbians

Miyazaki is an out of touch old man that made one good movie, Princess Mononoke

Studio Trigger can do no wrong and Kiznaiver is a fantastic show.

Dubs are just fine, no one should be expected to read a damn show if they don’t want to.

And welcome!


Thanks for the information.


No problem, love converting the non believers

Feel free to disregard my opinionated bullshit


Also Ignore the #PLOT I mention in here.

Unless you are deviant like I am. My taste in anime is beyond garbage.


Well i am a adult male. so should i look at Seinen?


There’s a good few.

The problem with Seinen anime is that it’s a bridge towards ecchi (perverted) anime. (Kinda).

There are exceptions to this rule of course.


What genres (action, comedy, drama, romance ect) do you like?