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Anyone watching Baki (2018)? I didn’t even know it existed this season, so I’m starting it right now.


Finally back home after a long weekend in Georgia, catching up on anime rn. new episode of my hero academia is top quality as usual.


Ayyyyy @TeckMonster good shit


This god damn anime is too good

This is pretty much how I smile ngl

LMAO I now just noticed the little play buttons haha


Holy crap Gundam Unicorn looks so good on Blu-ray





Just wrapped up the dub of Yojo Senki, I think it was quite good, @TeckMonster if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.


@Skelterz this show gonna turn into a mecha or some shit?


Sure why not


I already know your dirty mecha loving mind wants to see them combine like in gurren lagann

But really though this series taking place in the 1920’s or something? They’re driving old cars and dressing like people did in that time


It’s the aesthetic, the ones dudes mom is supposed to be some posh instructor, why wouldn’t she be driving an old fancy car, it’s part of her character.

Little details like that mean something


I thought rich people put the old fancy cars on display and drive the new fancy cars around. That’s what I do in GTA V, and I’m rollin in the money.


Started watching Rolling Girls, thought it was about girls riding motorcycles, I was half right it’s got some weird shit


EDIT 2: Ehh fuck it…


Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me

I don’t know how to remove the HD or kwik things in the corner, @ThatBootsGuy if you know hmu with the answer. Thatbootsguy is the captain of this here ship, I’m just his clueless first mate forced into this position from bad experiences from those legal places.

I’m not doing that :grinning:

Oof, you got me right in the feels, lol jk I would pay for it if the legal stuff worked, but I’m not paying for something that works half the time and the other half I am SOL, the only 2 legal places that work for me are amazon and netflix which I do use when things are on them like made in abyss or violet evergarden

I just say piratey things cus it’s fun, not cus I’m proud of it.


As long as you aren’t doing this:

Also I have a seriously low opinion of pirates that are proud of it. I understand why people pirate, but once you become proud of it, then what I think of you I will never utter directly at a person on this forum ever.



I definitely have watched it, and I thought it was very good as well.


welp finished season one of Gundam 00, gotta say it was ehh :man_shrugging:. character development was somewhat there but it wasnt enough to make me really worried about what happened to them. also the plot still seems way too covered about everyones intentions except the green hair douche kid lol. but since the action was pretty good I’ll give it 7/10


I thought the characterization was very good (the social development of Tanya) but I thought the overall plot was very basic and uninteresting. Maybe it would have been better if it was longer, but I don’t think much was accomplished.