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Ay but can your PTW list beat that though?


Papillon Rose is about as close as I can get.


Wait, how far ahead is the my hero academia source material ahead of the anime?


Doesn’t really matter since it’s done in seasons


where is it? :joy::rofl:



Wait no more my hero academia ever?


No you fool, the anime is broken into seasons as opposed to constantly running so no filler arcs are needed.



I just watched something that was talking about stuff in the source material that is a big part on the plot, don’t think they’d put that in a filler arc.

Ignoring filler arcs how far ahead is the source material to the anime?


Google isn’t that hard you know…

New episode tomorrow should basically cover chapter 106 and the newest chapter is 193.


kodomo no jikan on your watch list?



A little bit of everything. From excellent stuff like Made in Abyss, down to some of the trashiest trash.


Wow, I bet you are on a watch list also.




I see you have xxxholic but no tsubasa resevoir chronicles.

I also feel sorry for you, if you have any interest in that sort of world, you might end up watching blood-c


Blood-C is mega-meh iMO

random gore for no raisin/


holy shit I’m not the only one suffering through black clover?

rejoice my brothers


lol, yup going to follow it dubbed to the end and then the cycle will probably begin anew


They want it to be the next Naruto so bad, wouldn’t surprisee if this done up by commitee.