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It is joke


I can’t tell, sometimes you’re serious


WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK ARE THEY DOING TO OVERLORD!!!??? I can already tell this is going to be the last season, FML. The first episode of the 3rd season is literally just fan service, the is 0 real plot, they have 13 episodes and they just wasted one of them, the very first one at that. Jesus last season it was just crammed with sooooo much plot and other goodies that it was kinda all over the place with how fast paced some of the things were so they could fit it all into the few episodes they had to work with, but now they’re shortening the already short amount of episodes they have to work with.

I love this isekai series, it is one of my favorites, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is the last season, literally 1 episode in and they’ve destroyed it, they’re going to have to work really hard to bring this back and make this season the right balance between too much and too little plot development, which seeing how last season went, I don’t think is going to be possible, especially with how they cut their episode count down by 1

This really sucks too because almost every isekai is a fucking joke, there are like 2 or 3 isekai series that are actually serious, the only 2 I can name off the top of my head right now are log horizon and overlord, log horizon is done so all we are left with is overlord right now, which might be ending soon.

You wanna know what happened in this episode that is so bad? I’ll tell you Ainz gives everyone the day off, we learn that even though albedo is a succubus she is “a pure maiden” so now she really wants to fucc Ainz, all the male floor guardians get a secret memo from Ainz and then at the end Albedo proceeds to try her best to fucc Ainz (we don’t know how this ends up but since he is a skeleton probably not how albedo wanted) and then after that we see everyone taking a bath, typical girls in one bath, guys in the other, Albedo tries to peak then a bath guardian stops her. This episode should’ve been its own thing called Albedo’s sex life misadventures. My god wtf was going through their heads when they made this episode


What anime is the one that comes up first at the time I set it to start?

The one with the person with the mask


Unfortunately all these are lacking one or more things I want in an anime inspired MMO, but they still looking interesting.


@Skelterz and everyone else, I have just learned about the 2 X speed on youtube, long videos are no longer long!! I can now watch them.


nah you just need to step up your autism game

you cant even focus for a youtube video

then how you gonna do like 36hr marathon?


I’m only giving you this because it’s awesome

Then watch the sort of follow up


Unpopular opinion.

I thought the Darling in the Franxx ending was pretty good.



inb4 reeeeeee


I liked it too, most of the stuff leading up to it was a mess though.


Yeah I know.

I will give it everyone who REEEEE’d the benefit of the doubt tho, those last 10 seconds of the final episode didn’t need to be there.


Wait, the part at the tree? I liked that though



yeah where that kid that looks like Hiro is reading the book and then the little girl (who looks like Zero Two) trips over the tree root, and then meets the boy kinda hinting they would come back or are reincarnated in some way even tho we know they ded. IMO that didn’t need to be there.


Finally, someone gives me the spoilers I want.

I will now finish it since I know it isn’t one dies and the other lives


Completely disagree
FranXX spoilers

again part of the mess that wasn’t well explained but sort of mentioned by VIRM was the Zero Two, Hiro and the Klaxosaurs choosing to return to earth and the cycle of rebirth as opposed to what ever the hell VIRM is. Honestly I’m tired of characters getting shafted at the end, it’s still bitter sweet what happens though.


That’s great, now go watch Me!Me!Me!



yeah but what I find troubling is we see that Hiro and Zero Two blow themselves up to kill the VIRM, we never really see any Klaxosaur come back after being killed in some way.

Even in that Back story with the Klaxosaur Queen, she mentioned a lot of her species died, and whoever was the strongest evolved into those giant Franxx. Not come back as a humanoid like creature


VIRM sounds like a name out of invader zim.


FranXX spoilers

well they’ll be reincarnated as human not Klaxosaur
The Klaxosaurs evolved to either the FranXX like mechs or energy to fight verm