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so the newest fate is a isekai bringing the total back to 5 this season


Would be a bit gay.


More hype!


overlord is out


If anyone enjoyed Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan , then Jashin-chan Dropkick is for you.

If you didn’t enjoy it then don’t bother.

If you don’t know what it is, it’s a very violent slapstick comedy with one of the MCs constantly mutilating the other. This one is pretty trashy so far. It may get better, but I doubt it will.


I think it comes, at least for me, from an inability to process shit that’s happened in my life, so you look for outlets for emotion.

And that’s enough of a glimpse into my sad life for now.


Nah don’t say that. Here come hug me. hug

But for me I would say it’s similar. Every anime is important for me as it adds up to who I am (and why the fuck I’m so difficult)


Thanks bruh, sometimes life throws you through the ringer.


I’d respond back, yourmumgay


so overlord 3

first episode was very very slow. felt like it was all filler with one little tiny hint that human monster hybrids are being bred and not much else. kinda disapointed but hey at least the MC is ains and not some lizard.


i glance through the new and hot section of kissanime

I didn’t realize there was so much trash airing this season lmao


I Finished Fate/Extra Last Encore [it is only 10 episodes].

Non Spoiler Thoughts:
I feel like there should be a season 2 yet if there isn’t I’d be fine with what I got. Animation is good. I can follow all the fights. The Saber of this series is very optimistic and philosophical and likes to give speeches. The main character does have an arc and it is interesting to see him go through it. The show does have one episode that is kinda of dark and you’ll know it when you see it what I speak of.
I can easily recommend this to fans of the Fate Series. It’s good but short. If you have Netflix give it a try.


Hm, I’ll give it a go when I have time.
That Saber is Nero Claudius right?




Will they explain why Violet is so good at killing and not dying?


I mean she doesn’t have her arms so that’s pretty notable.


That was after most of her military career. I guess I’ll just have to watch.

I already 5 eps past

1 ep and going to bed

So imma actually go to bed. Tomorrow gonna be a bad morning.




Get Netflix for sail the high seas yourself


cant elp you but you are te Master of your own Anime fate