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the general guy and his kid do


Just finished watching episode 2 of FLCL Progressive, of which I am again quite meh about and the best thing by far from the show has been the pillows soundtrack. I guess I’ll just wait until Progressive is finished airing and then watch it.


It doesn’t help that I’m tired as fuck watching it, I’m old and when it’s midnight I’m tired.


General guy???

Lust - Burned to death by Roy Mustang
Gluttony - Devoured by Pride
Sloth - Died of impalement
Greed - Died to The Little One in the Flask
Wrath - Died from loss of blood
Envy - Suicide
Pride - Spared by Edward


guessing this goi but dun remember him coming back to life lol


people not coming back to life is kind of FMA’s thing.


Leorio is a fucking legend.


148 episodes of Hunter x hunter later, I loved the series and would’ve rated it an 8, until the chimera ant arc. In the chimera ant arc Gon and Killua were not at all the focus of the story, honestly they should’ve taken this arc and made it a side story, I didn’t like that and it was so god damn long that it got so boring (it was kinda boring to begin with though), and since it was so long we didn’t get to see the other 2 main characters at all, that’s 60 episodes without half of the main characters and the two who were there had little to do with what was going on with it That entire arc was all about the king, it had literally nothing to do with Gon or Killua their new friend was killed in it but that is it, they had little impact on shit there, they also didn’t do too much either. Both Gon and Killua don’t really grow at all in this arc either which was one thing I was really enjoying that separated this Shounen series from others that I’ve seen. The ending to this arc was also long af and SUPER FUCKING SLOW because the dude narrated every little thing going on, I kid you not he even narrated every time one character took a breath at first. That reminds me, the writers clearly got lazy because their explanation for why pitou looked up at the sky before the attack is literally “no particular reason” so she initially got the upper hand at first in the ending JUST BECAUSE. There are plenty other points with the same explanation it’s so stupid, the narrator also narrates this. And when I was pissed off about dead people coming back to life I was talking about The king is killed, loses all his limbs and is burnt to a crisp and chillin in magma for a few minutes from a giant explosion from a bomb before the royal guard finds him, after they revive him he literally just dies all by himself because he was poisened, we don’t know how or when he was poisoned (the 2 royal guards were too)but he was magically poisened and died without any sort of fight, his revival served almost no point in the story other to wrap it up a bit sweeter than it would’ve been, it made me tear up a bit with how they wrapped it up with him but that isn’t enough to justify reviving him for such a dumb reason and now something not about the chimera ant arc, the ending was nice but it left so many things up in the air, like they were planning to have more episodes but decided not to, they wanted to have Hisko and Gon fight to the death, they left most of the spider people alive, Chrono is looking for new people somewhere, and Hisoka also wants to fix Chrono up and fight him.. One thing I didn’t like about the ending though was how Kurapika wasn’t there, all they showed was him in new clothes, ignoring his friends while sitting in front of his people’s eyes in jars.

I can continue to point out faults in the chimera ant arc and hate on it more but I’m too tired too and I got work tomorrow so I’m goin to bed now. Later, now that I posted this I’m seeing how long it is and this is probably about one 3rd of the length it would be if I talked about everything.

If you’re gonna watch hunter x hunter skip the chimera arc you aren’t missing a damn thing, maybe watch the first few episodes of it to figure out how kite fits into things but that’s it.


Finally got around to watching Full Metal Panic this week.

God damn it they fucking killed her, they fucking killer her man

This episode was really packed with information, loving how these episodes flow. They feel like the narrative is well explained but not to the point that it drags on and bores you, its just the right amount.
Hard to explain, like being in an environment you are relaxed in and can just take it all in.


only seen the og one, but was pretty decent

so have the others as ‘plan to watch’ i guess


I definitely need to rewatch it. I can’t remeber if the show had a very serious tone.


I honor of another Fallout game, I am joining the ranks of waifu profile pic bearers.

Was deciding between this and TODD “It just works” , but waifus always win.


You can skip Fumoffu!




The second season does, but the first season and the Fumoffu spinoff are more what you would expect from a romcom.


So I finished S1 of Overlord today, started yesterday… On the 2nd ep of S2, should I be worried of what to expect?


Not really


I see lizard people.


There are some structure problems but I enjoyed it