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I prefer the Tsundere who defined the genre:

I’m gonna keep telling you to watch Evangelion until you do @Reformed_JoelBanks


Came across this while perusing imgur


I’ve been playing video games recently and have also been trying to finish up hunter x hunter and fate UBW before they become another one of those series I was talking about the other day, I’d very much like to complete them lol.

When I do start evangelion I’ll let you know maybe I can stream it over or something and watch it like you said.

Also like I said I’m not a huge fan of tsunderes, they’re pretty damn annoying imo. And so is Taiga but I like her anyway


I had no idea this website existed but its awesome. Cheers for that :smiley:

Was testing the site out and ended up watching the first episode. Hurry up! :smiley:

Yeah same here. I like Asuka for other reasons but she just happens to be a Tsundere :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I’m done “playing” games now, I just wasted an entire day I could’ve spent watching anime trying to get the potato ass game star citizen to actually run at a decent frame rate, ended up submitting a refund request. Feelsbadman

My computer is pretty good too, it just didn’t want to go past 9 FPS.

Anyway you wanna re-watch the first episode? I will watch it now I guess.


So watching FLCL 2…

Its not looking good so far. The opening sequences have been super weird and interesting so far but can’t say much for the rest of it.

I mean if the rest of the series looks like this we’re doomed

I like Hidomi and Ide but the series doesn’t feel as close as the original


What is this anime? I just saw something on youtube that made it look like a romance but it isn’t listed under the romance genre


There are some slight romantic undertones but nothing beyond that.


Finally watching this, compared to the otehr gundams ive seen its not too bad, first two episodes were pretty enjoyable!


I could not get into it


That looks like absolute shit.*

In comparison to the original series. This just looks like generic A1 pictures fight scene crap.


I hate anime

If I see one more god damn dead character magically coming back to life I’m dropping all action anime. Fuck this shit


time to bring back the Hate thread XD


Your taste is just trash.


You calling FMA trash?


Who tf comes back to life in FMA?


All of the homunculus or whatever tf they’re called basically


No? they’re hard to kill but none of them come back to life…