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damn I love those commercials! XD


The Mangas pacing isn’t any better from what I’ve seen in the first season. They just kinda throw shit at you without any explanation.


Cowboy bebop is surprisingly satisfying to watch I was expecting it to be decent not great. The art style and character development is fantastic I’m really enjoying it and find myself wondering what took me so long to watch it.


Are you planning to watch the movie?


Didn’t know there was one till you mentioned it.


Fair enough. The good thing is the movie is made in a way that you don’t need to see the show to understand what is going on.


I had to stop watching that, far too cringe.


You were warned.
Kinda supersized that came from you though.




Fuck me man, was tired as hell, threw on Nichijou no danshi koukousei before bed and got 3 episodes in, before I knew it I woke up and noticed my second PC was on and turn the TV on and I was on episode 12.
Could have sworn I paused and turned everything off.


Ay man the way I’m talking about lolis is the type of character, like tsundere or pussy ass mother fucker in a romance story(The latter I absolutely hate and have no favorites). I ain’t talkin about Lolis in a pedo way like you all love to asume

My favorite Tsundere is Taiga btw, really the only tsundere I have ever liked, I honestly hate that type of character.


7 episodes in and im really liking this!


What do you mean?


It is awesome, glad there are more people getting into it, like seriously I’ve been sad that nobody is really talking about it. I’ve tried to start a few conversations about it but everyone in this chat is fuckin resident sleeper over here.


I can see that some people would prefer more action, but I love the character development that has been shown in just a few episodes. apparently this is some sort of revamp of another series or something? is that worth watching as well?


Everyone one on the youtubes says it is good but I’m not gonna watch it cus the main reason I’m watching this new one is for the epic space combat which is the only of its kind in anime that I’ve seen so far. Or at least the only one that has actually done it right, space ship yamato whatever had bad space combat imo and is the japanese anime version of star trek TOS so I dropped it. And then there is one other I watched I forgot what it is called but it seems more like a romance kinda thing? Or at least that is the only reason I’d ever finish it is to see where the romance goes, it doesn’t have good space combat either.


fair enough, ill keep chugging along with the latest one then :stuck_out_tongue:




Lolis aren’t any specific age.

Pfft, and you call yourself an anime fan.