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The ending to the ant arc in hunter x hunter is so dumb, the narrator literally narrates everything, every punch, even every breath I’m not even joking.


The food anime’s OST is actually pretty damn good


Welp looks like it is time to binge this series.


Couldn’t find a appropriate anime reaction.

Me watching Overlord:

Me reading the manga:


It’s entertaining but it really lacks a solid narrative, honestly it’s spiraling out of control and the world is expanding like the big bang just happened. Ffs there are characters who we don’t even know who they are still that were introduced in the first episode of the second season.

Still gonna watch season three though.


I got to the point with the lizard sexand dropped the manga.


How could you!



inb4 lizard dongs matter protest movement


It’s already trending


Damn, I swear Hinamatsuri gets even better every week, definitely a BD pickup when available.
Oh nice the ED for Hinamatsi is the same Artist as the ED in Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight.

loved the vocals in each song.


okie lol

dunno what show this is at all though lol.


would also say sure on the jyo-oh-sei

is pretty cool,

trigun and flcl, dunno, trigun i feel is almost as good as the credit its given, but the scifi elements of the story which are, actually a really big part of who vash is and why that stuff is happening to him, really plays backseat to the just bumming around doing odd jobs, to the point where spikes story in cowboy bebop is more complete

flcl is just i dont like it that much lol. think it was fine as the 6 episode thing but the other stuff idk think will just wear it out for me probably attempting to just be the same shiz, like say rick and morty, or robot chicken etc.

ghost in the shell sac, and 2nd gig are fairly slow so if you dont like detective stuff, or scifi/cyberpunk might be boring/dry to you

for personal recommendations dunno bad at choosing stuff lol

so will just fire off some maybe take 5 seconds to search and decide if care at all,

  • samurai champloo(not that much drama stuff, some fights travel etc)
  • mushi shi(if wanna try something ‘different’ but sorta interesting, not about battles or anything though)
  • basilisk (some random ninja shit, weirdos with weird powers, but isnt crazy long has a story and executes on it pretty good)
  • speed grapher(random edonistic stuff, and a dude that causes explosions by taking pictures, trying to expose crazy amount of bad guys)
  • tokyo majin(some high school fighting shit after school evil spirits, but actual battles)
  • nabari no ou(some other ninja shit, little bit of feels/drama stuff but not shitload)
  • the third the girl wit the blue eye(basic mercs doing shit but with some scifi stuff)
  • desert punk(knock off dbag version of trigun but no scifi shiz)
  • coyote ragtime show(good guy bandits in space)
  • lupin the third(gud guy thieves jacking shit)
  • mouse(gud guy thief with plot)
  • moribito(some saving the world stuff, growing up, some fights)
  • shadowskill(bunch ‘martial arts’ stuff like in dragonball, yuyu, jojo etc named moves and stuff, but not that long and isnt just new bad guy thats more powerful then the last forever, has a sorta plot for the thing)

but idk theres loads of stuff with some action elements/other stuff

tried to keep out stuff like wolfs rain, where its alot of drama/feels stuff


That’s the best part you nub


It is my second favorite isekai, really good imo


While I do agree the characters and factions are rising way too fast, I think they manage to keep the narrative together. Though with how fast shit is happening I do see where your coming from.


it’s already fallen apart, this isn’t a several hundred episode shonen series it doesn’t have the luxury of fleshing out every servant, though I did enjoy Sebas’ arc it didn’t really contribute in a meaningful way.

Now we’ve got this other group of adventurers, the Princess’ faction, another unnamed group, the damn lizards, like 2 other countries and the possible infighting all in 12 episodes


Uhuh, illya is now my second favorite loli, kana being my first. Lol


You done thunk wrong




Edited for clarification


Do you want some cheese with your cringe?
There were a few parts that felt straight out of an anime… Guess Japan really is like anime /s.

Japanese commercial: